Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year 2013

It’s (almost) 2013!  
For me 2012 brought…..
-C. starting first grade. First grade is hard work.

-C. started boyscouts. 
-C. has switched careers from snake catcher to "helicopter driver".
-I entered my 11th year as a teacher- I have moved rooms and now coteach.
-Mrs. E has been out but not down.
-I have a New Role as T&T teacher at church.
-We lost some special angels..some little and some big, but they have our hearts.
-The world Twinkie ended.
-Darren has moved from sales to answering phones back to sales (thank Jesus).
-Darren bought new glasses (oh wait, he didn't do that he just talked about it).
-Darren remains proudly unchanged!
-We Voted this Year, but the Twinkie still lost. 
I miss the Twinkie:(

(in two months she will be a year old folks!?!) 

-161 blogs later....  
I'm thankful to have a creative outlet where I can do an electronic scrapbook/photo-journal! 
I highly recommend.
Let me start the New Year by checking off all the New Year goals I made BEFORE I had Baby Carlee:
1.  Eat Healthier:  Fail
2. Understand Limitations.  Fail
3.Devote more time in scripture/ prayer weekly.  Less media time.  Fail
(so far this is not looking good)
4.      Quit saying Bad Words. Kinda, sorta, better, I think, maybe.....
5.Stop trying to control the situation and ‘cast my cares to the Lord’ (Psalm 55)  Double Fail

Obviously I thought the Scientologist were coming for me while I had a box of twinkies stuffed in my dirty mouth.
Or perhaps I thought that when Carlee came she was going to sit in the crib like my old Cabbage Patch Doll. 
Or perhaps I had just cleaned the tub
the clorox fumes made me write overachieving goals that I would later forget about.
OK Then, 
this freaking blog entry has made me feel like a real loser.  
It makes me want to say a bad word and eat the least healthy things of my whole life!
That will show my New Year's Goals from last year.  hmmmpppphhhh.

Now don't think I'm going to let a little thing like not meeting a single New Year Resolution stop me from making more Resolutions.  No sir.  Tis the Season to Resolve!  

My New Year's Resolutions for 2013 (that I will make more fun):
-hone my cooking skills
I've already been practicing.  Last night I made Chicken Cordon Bleu-

my helper with bannans in her hair


This turned out pretty good.  The chicken was a touch dry - I may have overcooked.
-try my hand at writing some type of fiction
I'm just not sure what genre.

-spend time with God before I begin my day (not limited to)
My friend C. suggested I write letters to God- it has worked for me.  I've already written 15 pages of letters and completed two studies.

Those are my New Year Resolutions- I'm on my way.  I hope to update next year!

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