Friday, May 31, 2013

End of Year in Review

The end of year was such a rush for me, I barely had time to reflect.  I got up really early this morning and the tears just flowed thinking of the obstacles and accomplishments this, professionally, friendships, personally, marital, spiritual.  There seemed to be a turning point in each area.  I have learned a lot myself.

It was just first grade, 
but it seemed like college to me.

Tiger Badge Ceremony
Rising Wolf

Rising Second Grader

I finally attempted a Pinterest project that worked for me, 
an end of year for C.'s three teachers who helped him grow.

 Three pill containers....

with goodies...

And phrases that match the goodies.  ie. We are "stuck" on you (magnets).  Thanks for holding everything together (clips). etc.

Place little tiny gifts and message in each section.

A daily gift for all you do, teaching me each day through, making a difference without taking a rest, as a teacher you are one of the best. (and afterward you can place your meds inside that the Sechrist family caused you to take).

Where would I have been without these two ladies??
While Mrs. E. was getting better, Mrs. L. jumped in and did an amazing job.

I can honestly say that I wish I was half of what Mrs. E. and Mrs. L. are as teachers, moms, and friends.

Getting youngest son through high school- check.
Beating Cancer- check.
Elton John Concert- check.
You can do anything Mrs. E.!


End of Year Awana.
The boys are reciting the New Testament.
A year ago, Connor would have never been able to stand still.
Praise Jesus!

We ended our year at school with a camping unit.
Setting up camp, campground math problems, pizza box smores, fishing for onset/rimes, trip to Boy Scout Camp, comparing and contrasting Arthur with Curious George, homemade ice cream, fishing for adjectives, etc.

Archery, Rockets, and Indian Lure


Of course I have to blob faces to protect students, but this is from our private second grade graduation.   

It breaks your heart a little because when you work with students for two to four years before they leave to intermediate, it is like letting go of a member of your family.  All of a sudden they are not there anymore.


Connor isn't the only thing growing around here....

This girl grew up, and before we knew it, it was time to go shoe shopping!
I have dreamt of shoe shopping with a daughter.

But like her brother before her, we had to buy special shoes to fit special wide little feet.
It is so hard to make a choice for little girls!!


We decided on some little white and pink sneakers.

 I think she is doing alright with them here (until the end).

I still have Connor's very first pair from the same exact store, his shoes were 2X wide.

And let us not forget that one of my fav. romance authors hit LIKE on my comment (and didn't hit like on anyone else's comments).
HA.  It proves I'm charming!

For me this year was full of some incredible ups and downs.  I can't believe that God would trust me enough to handle the things that came my way, and at times I felt I couldn't do it anymore.  There were plenty of breakdowns.  Think me- tears, blankie, and a box of cookies rocking in a corner.  But it was ok.  Everything really did work out, and it's not so crazy to just 'Trust God'.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Fun (Minus the Insanity)

I've been asked by many people, 'Aren't you so excited it's Summer Break?'
My question back is, 'where is the break in the summer?'  There is Summer Ice Cream, Summer Laundry, Summer Sweeping, Summer Weather, but NO Summer Break.
I'm working myself to death here people.   
I know what you are thinking, how could you not enjoy these two?

Don't be fooled by the adorable faces.  These two sweeties can create more trash, dirty dishes, and commotion than a small third world country feuding.   I know my neighbors are having talks about things I scream outside at my children.

This was just from LUNCH!!!

Switching from working mom to stay at home mom is not an easy transition.  Let me just say the grass is not greener on either side...its just a bunch of tall grass and weeds on both sides of the fence that needs to be cut and groomed constantly by hardworking parents (although I do get 20 min. of uninterrupted lunch at school, which is more than I can say I have had so far).   

Thanks to the lovely word I have grown to HATE- Budget.  We are trying to have some creative Summer Fun at home.  We set up our mini pool today.  Connor calls it "Country Club Pool".  He has had as much fun as one could at the country club.  I think his vivid imagination takes him to places that are way cooler than real life.

One thing that I really feel I gave my Connor was the gift to make his own happiness.  He isn't afraid to march to the beat of his own drum, but what makes me proud is that if others don't follow, he is content marching alone.    

In others news, we also have a precious little Carlee Angel that I affectionally like to call 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'. 
Perhaps she got this from me as well but when your in your 30s we call it "passionate".  I am a passionate woman. ok.
Yes. Friends, I blinked and had a temperamental toddler.

But don't worry, once she got her way, all sweet giggles and smiles 5 seconds later.  

Remember how we thought our parents were insane?  They are.  Toddler, Teen, and Everything in Between= how it happens.

Such a Beautiful Picture
(Until she ripped off the hat and screamed bloody murder.)

Icy Cold Water
(Sprayed all over everyone within distance, including the lady that tried to sell us bibles. again)

Redneck Country Club Poolin

Brother, YOU are so fascinating.

I have no idea where Connor got this HUGE pool noodle inflatable, but really it was more noodle than pool.

Everything is fun until someone makes a joke that the pool noodle "is my weiner", 

and we have to sit out for inappropriate potty humor.
Why are boys NOT born with the ability to multitask, but ARE born with the ability to make "weiner" jokes???

I'm fine now, as long as you don't look at me wrong.

Oh thats just mom wearing her church slakes from last night's church program.
Yep.  Laundry not complete.

Mom's cell phone in the pool.
In the rice.
Doesn't work.
Don't text.

Brother threw paci in Dad's minigarden.

I think it has too much water.  Maybe placing the pool near the minigarden wasn't a good idea.

It's Buddy Love!

It's awesome Mom.
When did he join the family?

Brother loves an audience.

Summer Fun

Here is to Summer Fun (Minus the Insanity).

Friday, May 24, 2013

Karaoke Queen

Friday Karaoke Night
Ms. Love Shack
Stage Ready

Must Fuel Up for Performance

Picking the Perfect Song


Fav. Duet

What a talent, right? uncle and niece.

Goofing with Mom's Boots
Too Fun!

O. Getting the Crowd Going

And Now the Winning Performance!

Rock It Out!
(...wait what are those lyrics?)


Moving and a Grooving!
Auntie S. is the motivator and crowd pleaser.



Keeping Warm

Pretty Ladies
Family is Love
As for me,
 Connor recorded my performance,
and the only way I can ever, ever recover from Karaoke Night is to move to Tampako, Minnesota, dye my hair black, and go by the name "Sal".
Here is a VERY short clip.....


That is a wrap Ladies and Gents.
You don't have to go home,
but you can't stay here.
Karaoke Queen