Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly...

To Mothers who truly do the best they can
through the good, the bad, and the straight up ugly times...
and still make a sliver of time for sanity....
You are amazing.  
You are enough.

This has been my Mother's Day weekend. 

The Ugly:

Four doc. appointments.
3 antibiotics
1 steroid
and still croupy

All I can tell you about this picture is that I spent 30 minutes cleaning up what appeared to be this item all over the steps, to the bathroom, and a trail to Connor's room.

Temper Tantrum-
I won't let her eat the chapstick.

My Mother's Day Lunch-
We are broke.
(see new shoes below)

Note to Teacher
Me: Why did you throw mud?
C: I have no willpower.
Me: We are writing your teacher a note of apology.
C: I don't care if I get dirty.  Why do people care if I get them dirty?

Our church group changed venues.  Basically, the craft I executed- 
nail polish fumes + two groups + small room= 
TOTAL asthma attack on the way home.

Overpriced shoes, 
for little wide feet

These two pairs are more expensive then all mine combined.

I still have the first ones we bought Connor (at the same shop).
Which reminds me-
I'm old.

Weekend Allergies= No Energy

 The Bad:




We I wrote down the wrong date for Cagney's Party.
Missed it, but we plan to make the next one.

Me- Connor can I open my Mother's Day gift?
C: I don't care. Its in my bag.
[dig crumbled gift from bottom of bag.]
Me- I love it, did you make it?
C: No, my teacher did.
I'm hungry.

Sweet but crumpled.

I mean really flattened.

Temper Tantrum-
I don't want to go.

Laundry ALL day.
ALL day.

Carlee uses food as hair gel.

Still finding pieces of this around the house.

The Good:

Leading the Pledge and Scout Pledge

I snuck out this week and got a 
manicure (happy mother's day to me).
My sweet hairdresser T. gave me the works, and we chatted like two hens the whole time.

No words needed-
Connor a. led the prayer this morning  b. opened the door for me
"Dear God, thank you for moms...."

New shoes work like a charm.

I saved the bracelet!

Sweet notes to mothers.


These two did so great with their part!

Spring Program- Frog and Toad

I will tell you Connor had an additional cute part with his friend Ms. E.  Ms. E. is one smart cookie!!
I sat beside this girl's mother and she said to me "Ms. E. has been so nervous about saying her part all week."
To which I said,
"I didn't know Connor had a part until he told me as I walked into the gym today."
[Carlee I expect you to tell your mother everything.]

I wish I could show the whole show, but I will keep it at the opening....

Kissy Baby Cheekies


Sweet text from GOOD friends

Southern Accents

Thads wat we calla football rite thar!
Love it.


I found a half of one of these in the fridge.  
That makes for a good day.

Happy Mother's Day

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