Friday, November 25, 2011

Where did November Go??

Really, Where did November Go??  I'm trying not to hyperventilate thinking about my List of Things to Do.  Can you believe Christmas is around the corner?  I haven't gotten one shopping list or Christmas Card idea complete.  I probably wouldn't have gotten the house decorated for Christmas, but Connor was soooooo persistent this year.  He actually wanted to start right after the Thanksgiving meal.  Although Thanksgiving with family was a lot of fun (and didn't require me to bake), I was beat when we got home.   I promised the next day after breakfast we would pull it all up from the basement.  Of course, Connor woke me up at 7:30am sharp today (it kind of takes the Christmas Joy away that early).   Pregnancy is no excuse with a six year old.  I was really surprised by how engaged he was in the process.  He helped me decorate most of the house (with me going in behind him to fix his "decorating"), and we even braved Black Friday to get a stocking for the baby, a tree for his room, and fast food burger fix while singing Christmas tunes.  It was a fun day.  I hope you all are enjoying your Holidays.  Right now this is the scene where I live....
Our Tree-  Darren tries to get me to leave off some of the ornaments.  I can't leave off one because they are so special.  I remember when we were first married I could barely cover the front of a smaller tree, now we can cover this whole tree!

My mother in law gave me this Nativity scene with the manger animals when Darren and I were dating.  I put it out and tell the story to Connor every year.  It's in good shape...with the exception that Joseph is missing a hand, and I have already found Baby Jesus in the toy wrestling ring twice. 
'Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.' 

Connor picked out this tree today.  It was the only blue one left.  It was 50% off because the lights didn't work. Surprisingly, so far the lights work.  I was able to let him pick out a few ornaments, and he added this banner he had himself. 

Even the bathroom has a touch of Christmas.

Welcome and Gingerbread Greetings...Santa lost his glasses, but I still love this door decoration.

This is my small Christmas Village.  I usually get one house a year.  My favorite is Cinderella's castle because Darren bought it for me when we first started dating.  It lights up inside and flashes all different colors! (as you can see Connor has added a few pieces).

My aunt made this present with the lights inside....this is a continuation of my small Christmas village.

I got this Christmas School House for my Birthday last week (33!).

I set out every Christmas Picture of Connor with Santa.  This is his first picture (4 months).

A few years later, we still don't like this Santa guy.

Last year, I think he figured out how this Santa Dude works.

The Santa on the bottom plays 'Jingle, Jingle, Jingle'...and it has been driving me CRAZY.  A family friend who just graduated from West Point Academy gave it to Connor and he loves it.

Merry Christmas!

A stocking for every family member, including our 'no name yet' baby girl.

I love this apron...exp. the BLING!

Anybody want to come over for some cookies in the Santa jar and eggnog? 

I usually end up burning stove covers at least a few times a year by accident.  So far these have been safe.

This picture didn't take well (I am asking Santa for a new camera this year), but it's a Santa doormat. Wipe your feet and Ho, Ho, Ho!

Watch your step...these baskets have taken a tumble many times already.  Maybe the new member of our family will be more "calm".

Our Fridge Reindeer....he would never say 'a moment to the lips forever on the hips' ...he says things like 'red light! go for it! santa would approve of all those cookies!'

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What Were They Thinking?

My blog tonight is going to be major weak, because I’m major weak.  I cannot seem to kick the crud.  I’ve been to the doctor, but due to my pregnancy I have to be very careful about what I’m given and what I take.  Doc gave me an antibiotic, but so far it’s working like a sugar pill.
 Things are really picking up all around me.  Upcoming duties include cleaning out and preparing a nursery, preparing a little boy’s room (no teddy bears on the walls and curtains, sigh), possibly replacing carpet in three rooms, preparing for the upcoming Holidays, major paperwork and assessment deadlines at work,  social and church events, etc. etc.  All exciting things….until they become highly stressful.  I’m guessing my blogs are not going to be major creative (as my norm), but I’m going to try my very, very best to keep you up to date on the latest news…for example this commercial I just now watched. 
Keep your eye carefully trained on the Windsor Jewelry commercial (directly after the Ford commercial) that had me saying, "what were they thinking????"

(Let's just say I wasn't watching it carefully the first time).  Is this commerical tooo funny or what?   Just what are they trying to say here with this two second commerical? “Every kiss begins with the middle finger”  or “With this ring I thee shoot you the bird, (sort of).... 
Or maybe I have drank too much hot chocolate.   Stay tuned for more great updates. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friendship is not a MYTH

I’ve been looking on Facebook tonight.  I like to look at the young people…their thoughts, posts, and pictures.  It reminds me of my high school days, and it brings back some good memories.  I look at the pictures of pals in homemade t-shirts from clubs, fun matching girl boots, school spirit week…messages of ‘I’ve got your back gurrrlllll…message me and we will meet, can’t wait…love you sister!"  And I laugh at the open messages about hidden crushes, inside jokes,  and past fights.  It all takes me back, and BOY am I glad we didn’t have Facebook, because I am a SUPER OVER SHARER.  The notes I wrote on paper as a teen were so embarrassing.  I would hate to think I shared my dreams of being an ice skater and marrying Jim Carey with the world.
 Although these things seem so young and unimportant on Facebook, TRUE friendship is a value no matter what age.  I was reminded of this lesson. One of the worst things to figure out as an adult is when you think someone is your friend…. and it turns out that person is not a friend.  For many people the thrill of drama, gossip, competitiveness, and attention wins out over true friendship.  Sometimes when you are young, a measure of success is how many friends you have.  As you get older and deal with issues that forge your life, you really understand that a true measure of success is a smaller number of REAL and SPECIAL friendships. 
Today I feel so thankful to GOD for the true friends that I have…..the ones who make me laugh, who listen to me cry, who give kind words of advice, who lend me a great book or movie I may like, who picks me a flower, who tells me why they love me, and most important who allows me to do the same back to them. 

Loyalty is important, and it’s something we all need in our lives no matter what age.   I think it stills hurts when loyalty is broken, and even though I have never used a voodoo doll, it makes me wish I had one.  But let's face it, if I knew how to use a voodoo doll I would probably prick the crud out of myself and get nothing done anyway.  Seriously, each lesson teaches me to really value true character and to give others the respect I want.  I have been forgiven for so many things, so there is no point in harboring ill feelings or bad wishes toward someone else because of hurt.  Instead I focus on the people who have made me a better person=  to all my pals...I LOVE YOU DEARLY.