Sunday, November 13, 2011

What Were They Thinking?

My blog tonight is going to be major weak, because I’m major weak.  I cannot seem to kick the crud.  I’ve been to the doctor, but due to my pregnancy I have to be very careful about what I’m given and what I take.  Doc gave me an antibiotic, but so far it’s working like a sugar pill.
 Things are really picking up all around me.  Upcoming duties include cleaning out and preparing a nursery, preparing a little boy’s room (no teddy bears on the walls and curtains, sigh), possibly replacing carpet in three rooms, preparing for the upcoming Holidays, major paperwork and assessment deadlines at work,  social and church events, etc. etc.  All exciting things….until they become highly stressful.  I’m guessing my blogs are not going to be major creative (as my norm), but I’m going to try my very, very best to keep you up to date on the latest news…for example this commercial I just now watched. 
Keep your eye carefully trained on the Windsor Jewelry commercial (directly after the Ford commercial) that had me saying, "what were they thinking????"

(Let's just say I wasn't watching it carefully the first time).  Is this commerical tooo funny or what?   Just what are they trying to say here with this two second commerical? “Every kiss begins with the middle finger”  or “With this ring I thee shoot you the bird, (sort of).... 
Or maybe I have drank too much hot chocolate.   Stay tuned for more great updates. 

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  1. Luckily it wasn't the bad finger, but it looked like it.