Friday, January 25, 2013

The Purpose Driven Life(time for Women Movie) Tips

My mind is numb.  I have literally watched hours of Lifetime for Women movies.  With titles similar to Deceived, Cheater, They Wouldn’t Listen, No One Heard, Disappeared, Pregnant and Alone.....  I’ve been fascinated!  I have to Wikipedia all the stories to see if they are really true.  I’m not sure where my kids are right now but I can't get off the couch.  Some people would say that I am not using my time wisely but I disagree.  I have learned 15 very valuable life tips already.  I’m ready for a new way of looking at life.  
Join me-

The Purpose Driven Life(time for Women Movie) Tips

1.  Don’t let a little thing like a psychotic breakdown slow you down.  So what if your talking to someone who isn’t there...or you think that man loves you who actually never speaks to you...or perhaps you want revenge on your neighbor because he looks like your twin sister’s ex???  
Just keep on keepin’ on......we all have issues.

2.  Your husband may be chasing you down, getting ready to beat the snot out of you again, or kidnap your children...but please make sure your hair is styled, your makeup is ready, and your high heeled shoes are rockin’ because you are getting ready to meet the other man of your dreams and a love scene is coming up (but please check #10 first).

3.  If you think your home is getting broke into, make sure you DON'T check it out in nothing but a thin, lacy nightgown even if it adds to the suspense and bravery.

4.  Protest makes a difference.  Even though you live in a small town you can easily assemble 100,000 people who have the same cause you have.  Just be prepared to get the words “Leave Hooker” spray painted across your house.

5.  Men who don't understand the word NO for an answer, will understand a hard kick between the legs.

6.  Things will not change in your life until you are down to your last dollar.   You can take that dollar and pay a lawyer, start a business, put up an ad in the paper...your options are endless and it will change your life.

7.  If you seek help-the authorities will assume you are nothing more than a “nagging woman" and they won’t help you, therefore you must immediately learn to shoot a bazooka and get trained in Taekwondo so that you may take care of business.

8.  Warning- if your teenager’s school uniform is suddenly tied at the navel-  prepare for a wild ride of lies, stealing, hitting, drinking and a very, very, very bad boyfriend.

9.  UNDER NO CONDITION should you hire a good looking nanny.
(see #8 pic)

10.  Hey its OK if you find the Psychotic Killer to be a little hot.  He always has a nice suit, a nice haircut, and has lots of charm which is more than we can say about most people but don't give could mean a little trouble down the road for you.

11.  That mousy girl that is scared of everyone at the office will be the hero, so don’t be a jerk.

12.  Changing laws is really hard, your better off changing your hairstyle.

13.  Learning to drive like a maniac can only help you in life.  You never know when you are going to be in a high speed chase for your life.

14.  Don't text underage kids unless they are your own.

15.  Your happy ending is just two hours away, so don’t give up!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Those Meddling Kids

Today was a wonderful day.
And it had nothing to do with the President.
I'm sorry Mr. President I could not attend your inauguration because I had a very important previous appointment.

It started with lots of research for solving mysteries.

I got ready for a night on the town.  I put on my high heel shoes and pink lipstick for better detective work!

This evening required very special socks!

We hit the road in our very own mystery van (ours has a stroller in the back).

I selfishly enjoyed having this fellow to myself.

My date looked sharp- Am I right?

We soon joined Scooby Doo and the gang to solve the Case of the Haunted Coliseum!

Darren told me not to go crazy.....
But everyone needs cotton candy and

Scooby Doo in an Airplane for the same price you could purchase a small car for, right?
After all I'm no cheap date and look at that smile.

The musical was really fun and funny!
I loved it when Scooby and Scrappy rapped about Scooby snacks.

Every time we saw a ghost, we had to scream "Ghost! Ghost!"
(that was Connor's favorite part)

The girl who played Daphne did such a great job.  She was so prissy, just like the cartoon.
I always wanted to look like Daphne, 

but of course I will always have a special place in my heart for Velma because....

I WAS Velma.  I AM Velma.

In this picture I'm trying to solve the case of the missing fashion clue (as in really, get a clue).

My middle school graduation picture.

Afterwards we hit Krispy Kreme.

While we waited, I ran over a curve and we got stuck.  We sat at very un-level heights for ten minutes until the other cars moved on....

It was worth it.
We couldn't forget Daddy and Carlee.

To make our calorie count really high, 
we ate a very high class dinner.

Of course, it was Senior Citizen Blue Grass Night.
Live Music.
Lucky Us.
Do you want to know what Senior Citizens in the South think of our President?
They will tell you even if you say...ummm I'm just here for the fries.

I sure did have a wonderful day solving mysteries with my handsome fellow and

 those meddling kids.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

No Day Like Snow Day

We thought we were getting some of this.....

but we woke up and it looked like this.

So we shut our blinds and pretended it looked like 

this out.

We snuggled

and wrapped up in warm clothing.

We made cookies...

and drank milk from our favorite Frog cup.

We had hot chocolate in a snow mug.

We watched movies and ate more junk.

We went wild from all the sugar.

We built a snowmanbaby in the bubbles,

 and gave it a Mohawk.

We were so busy growing in front teeth, 

 we had to relax and read a book,

and share kisses!

I love Snow Days.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Derby Rotten Scoundrels

This year we are really enjoying the Boy Scouts.  There have been so many neat things for the boys to do.  Of course the one thing we know EVERYONE gets excited about is the Pinewood Derby!

As soon as we received this, 

we were ready to do work!

The problem is the directions were like this:

It wasn't long before we were thinking of looking at cars on eBay.
We knew we needed help ASAP, and lucky for us we have connections.
We enlisted the help of Mr R. and Mrs. E (they have not one but TWO Eagle scouts).
They were very accommodating.

As you can see from this picture....
the fathers always have a certain amount of "planning" before the son starts working.  They gave us lots of tips to get started.

Fathers in the background planning- but great pic of the kids!

At this point C. is more concerned with J's pet snake- not the Derby.

Of course I said I wasn't getting involved but I just HAD to share some of my tips for success, for example,
1. plan ahead
2.  stick with a theme
3.  make a sketch

Men don't really think that way.  They play it by ear.  I was annoyed as heck when Darren and Connor were still messing around with weights for this car the DAY OF THE RACE while trying to get ready.  
I don't work like that.  I plan. I plan. I plan.

We have one of these now. hello. We plan.

During the process, Darren let Connor pick what he wanted to do with his car, paint, fix the stickers, and name the derby car. The car was suppose to be based on the Blue Angels via Connor's vision.

This is how it turned out. 

Connor simply named it 'NAVY'.   
I asked the question:  Is it a car?  An airplane?  Or a ship?
The answer from the boys:  It doesn't matter because it has missiles and that makes it cool.

I was very concerned that after a very long week that Connor would not attain to all the races that would run, and then he would get in trouble.  

Boy was I wrong.  
C. cheered everyone on and stayed close to the track watching ALL the races. 
 (God Bless our Den Leader who patiently answered, "Can I go next? Is it my turn?" a million times!)

Even Mr. R., Mrs. E., and J. came out to support Connor.  We are so very lucky to know such wonderful people.

One thing about it we were consistent. 
Consistently LAST every time.

Toward the end we came in second at one race and The Sechrist Clan almost broke out the champagne...right there on the spot.

2nd Place, YAHOOOO??

We pretty much knew we were only going to be getting a "moral victory" much to the non-joy of  Darren.  He kept trying to encourage Connor to fix his car perfectly on the track.  I told D. he needed to relax and just say he was proud.  
D. said there was no time for politically correct parenting during an important thing like a race.

After the third pep talk I broke the news to my husband that their car sucked at speed!  He refused to believe it.
 Of course, Connor thought he won every race and was as happy as a lark.  He kept asking me how many points he had and I just kept saying 1000 every time (I didn't have a clue).

Meanwhile Carlee was not keeping me entertained.

So it wasn't long before I was getting a little restless.  
I found some friends that were more my 'speed'
 (checkout those pretty).

At the end of the night, I explained to Connor that he wouldn't get a trophy but it didn't matter because he rocked it.
He said that was cool.

But then the kids voted on Best of Show and Most Original Car....and guess what?

My Connor WON in a three way tie for Best in Show!  
I was so surprised and proud the Navy/Plane/Car won!!!
Very Exciting.

He is so very proud of this.

I later told Darren I thought the Ice-cream Sandwich Car would win for sure.   It was so neat looking.

 He told me I had to think like a 7-9 year old boy not a tired 34 year old woman with chocolate needs.  
Good Point-but I loved it.

I have to tell you I had fun with my Derby Rotten Scoundrels.
We laughed and enjoyed watching all the scouts tonight.
Darren is an amazing dad. 
I love watching him with the kids.

I love my crazy family.
We may be slow...
we may be last...
we may have a few wheels that wobble...

but we are always ready to be the Best in Show.