Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy 10 Months Carlee

Happy 10 Months Carlee

-Dear Carlee, you are growing so super, duper, really, crazy, FAST.  
It is both wonderful and sad.  

-You have yet to sleep without waking for two consecutive nights.  

Last night your dad got up a total of six times and I got up a total of five between 8pm-6am.  Once we feed, change, and/or give the paci you go right to sleep, only to wake again an hour later.

-Young lady, we think its time you grow up and learn to sleep.

-When I come home from work and you lift your little arms and hands up and say 'ma'.... it's the highlight of the day!

-You like books.  You love the same book Connor had and loved as a baby.  #touch and feel

-You are literally throwing temper tantrums when you can't get your way (already).  

If we come inside, when you would rather be outside....if you have one cookie, when you would rather have two.....or if your brother takes a toy back and says 'no'!...
YOU squeal, kick, scream, get red faced, and claw!!! (feisty)

-If your temper tantrums are like that of your brother when he was a toddler...I'm leaving for Las Vegas tonight.

-I journaled that Connor scooted and then walked at nine months.  You enjoy crawling, and you are fast, fast, fast!!!

-You have scaled the third step.  Once you get there, you just cry to get down.

-You are very cautious.  As you maneuver the living room when standing and holding... you tend to be very slow.  Then when you stop, you feel the ground first before sitting.

-Words- baba, mama, dada, bada,  and waaaaaaaa.

-Your laughter is the sweetest sound.

-You love the bottle and the paci but more the bottle.  

This will be a tough habit to break.

-You look young for your age.  You have all these beautiful 9-12 month outfits and you still wear 6- month sizes.

-When daddy is home, you head for the door (but I'm sure you love your mama best)!

-Maybe you love Connor best.....

-You love toys.  You each have a bucket of toys.  The problem is that you love your brother's bucket of toys, and brother has not had to share toys in seven long years.  Please stop loving your brother's toys for my sanity.

-You love my shoes (but who wouldn't)?

-You have stage 3 baby food, but you pretty much eat what we eat.  You like bananas, carrots, and cauliflower best.

-I can't believe your first year is almost complete.  It has been a whirlwind of tiredness, laughter, and love. 

We love you Carlee.

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