Monday, January 7, 2013

Too Busy to Workout

I've been setting my alarm to workout in the morning.
I try to drink some coffee and get motivated, 
but there are so many other darn things that need doing around the house. I am just so busy.

Things I must do in the morning instead of working out..

-update my Facebook status (don't act like you aren't on there creepers)

-delete all the recorded Knight Riders from the DVR ( I can’t stand a messy DVR lisiting)

-take a paper towel and really clean out the water droplets in the sink

-clip my toenails

-youtube. Sweet Brown ..'ain't no body got time for that'!  (I love her and I need a cold pop right now)

-read Downton Abbey Spoilers
(now I'm depressed)

-update my Facebook status 
(people may have forgot what I was doing five minutes ago)

-pin my bangs into a fan that stands up

-look up lyrics to No Diggity, Do Doubt from Backstreet
"Play on Playette, Yo Drey Drop the Verse".... what does it all mean?  what is the meaning of life?

-write a blog

-update my Facebook status 
(it isn't my fault if I get lost in other people's New Year Eve Party pictures!) headliners (I must keep up with current events like who 'wore it worst' and 'tempers flare after NFL game'.)

-facebook check

-pick up those white specks from the carpet

-thirty minutes to put on socks

-wikipedia Maria Osmond

-Take the Nashville Quiz to see how well I know Nashville

-organize the germ X and lipgloss in my pocket book

-time how fast I can type 
(step into the front door like a ghost into the fog.....)

-update Facebook status

-watch the weather

-look up inspirational fitness and diet quotes on Pinterest

-look up chocolate cake recipes on Pinterest

I just don't know how I can get anything done with all the challenges in my way.  Maybe tomorrow.

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