Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Wife

The Wife:  Can you please fix this dishwasher rack, I think it got realigned.

The Husband (as he fixes dishwasher rack):  You need to be more careful with stuff.  We can’t afford to fix things you keep breaking.  You have to remember that this dishwasher isn’t brand new.  You need to be easy and stop running around like a bulldozer.

The Wife (tired while dusting furniture):  YOU DO NOT TALK TO ME like a child.  I am NOT rough on stuff.  The broken rack is as much your fault.  Your the one who is rough.  NO matter what breaks, its always my fault.  Man, what a JackASS!  To blame me for everything.  I can’t believe you say I’m rough.  Jeez you must be Mr. Perfect.  Things break, its not my fault they break.


The Wife freezes when she sees what she has done while dusting the end table (brand new furniture purchased a mere four months ago).


The Wife thinks to herself: no, no, no, no, no, no, no, please Lord, no...not while I’m trying to make a point no matter how invalid.  
She realizes the Lord isn’t helping her on this one but He is quite possibly making a valid point she doesn’t want to hear. 

The Husband: What was that noise?

The Wife thinks this is a good time to turn over a new leaf and be sweet to her husband.  
The Wife:  What sweetie pie, honey, dear, cupcake?  You know, your right, I really need to be careful and slow down.

The Husband:  What was that noise?

The Wife thinks crap, crap, crap, crap.  Who can she blame-termites, the kids, tornado?

The Husband:  Did you break something again!!!

The Wife:  You know you have been working so hard, you should go take a rest  Can I fix your favorite meal?  Is that Carlee crying? Allow me.

The Husband walks in the living room and inspects damage.

The Husband:  I don’t believe this. This table is brand new!  You can’t just push a table like that!!!

The Wife:  OK so maybe I’m a little, bitty, tiny, somewhat reckless but I blame the furniture polish, it weakened the leg.  I swear I will never dust again.

The Husband:  speechless again.

Maybe Wood Glue?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good Bye Summer (sniff)

This summer has truly been the most challenging summer of my life!  Juggling two children nearly seven years apart has been no easy task for me.  Still when I looked at my calendar and saw that I would be returning to work, I felt so sad.  It really is a special thing to be with your children in a less stressed environment (ie. not as many regulations, homework, schedules,  studies, lessons, practices, etc.).  
With the exception of two weeks, I have been with Carlee for five months, and it has been wonderful to be with her.

Yes I have felt I worked myself to death.  I have dealt with crying, constipation, diarrhea, hyper behavior, mouthy behavior, changing formulas, changing diets, changing meds, spilled drinks in floors, spilt drinks on Carlee, having to wait to eat (or rest), doc. appointments, more doc. appointments, packed and repacked diaper and lunch bags, and the list goes on (most moms can relate).
Someone once told me that your children are your best investment and I would agree.  I didn't allow my children to tell me what to do but I invested in them.  I spent time with them.   We didn't get to go on a fancy vacation or spend a lot, but we saved money by rarely going out to eat and I planned little trips.  We read daily.  We talked about God.  We hugged and cuddled.  We had picnic lunches.  We laughed.  Connor learned to cook eggs, swim underwater, learned that if he didn't pick up his toys they go, and learned a bit about not being the only child in the family (or in the world).  Carlee learned to roll, learned what formula worked for her, maybe learning about teeth, learned about having a wild, loving brother, and smiles and coos every time she sees someone she knows.  

It was worth every second.  
I soaked it up because I know one day they may be pulling out of the driveway on their way to something or someone much cooler than me and dad.  I had to sacrifice a lot of my time and a little of my sanity with even less appreciation, but children are worth it.
I go back to work Monday. A little early to start but I am setting up a new room.  I am sad to see this summer end, and I am worried about the juggling act I am about to perform, but I remain so thankful.  

Images from Summer:

shots :(

hitting the road
this stroller has put in some miles

animal sightings

her hair seems to be rubbing off into a perfect bowl cut

side sleeper

pool bound

picture time

put your pajamas down and get back in the bathtub
you forgot to wash out something
like the shampoo

summer barbecue w. friends

summer rain under a tin roof porch
God's Paintbrush

hitting the track

warm mommy and rhythmic walking- time to sleep

I do have a husband, somewhere around here
date night needed?

ladies man???


and sweet

Mr. J telling us all about the wildlife (he was very smart)


The Snake Wrangler- 
has he talked about anything else since this moment? no



we were guests of Mrs. E.
she has the touch with all children

Tap Out Ceremony
neat to watch
views were breathtaking

its me again

stunt double

I'm a BIG girl

and BIG diamonds have my heart and soul.


  my brother strikes again

most days

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photo Booth

The Sechrist family should never use photo booth.  We wasted wayyyyy too much time.

TeleTubbies Baby?


Chipmunk Cheeks

my thoughts after kids

family resemblance

sweet doll (and Carlee too)

something smells....diaper change?


mirror image

bossom buddies


don't ask me how connor got this mirror image by tilting his head,
but we call it The Gymnast Split

I laugh every time I look at it.