Friday, July 20, 2012

Carlee's First Date

I was very happy to go visit my friend today.  We met at the local community college nearly 13 years ago.  Although we have not gotten to see each other much, I still really love her and her family.  I'm fortunate enough to go to church with her parents, and I've been able to keep touch through them.  

We both had sweet babies born within days of each other, and we were finally able to get together for lunch and a play date.  Let me tell you, these two sweet angels were such a hoot, we forgot all about lunch (but we were able to fit in a delicious snack).

I have nicknamed this cutie Sprout,  since he has grown so much.  He has already passed Carlee who was a 10 pounder at birth! 

Here is how the day went:

"This isn't going so well, I don't know about this....where is my blankie?  where is my pacie?  where is my crib!?!?"

"I think I'll have a little drink from the bottle, this milk soothes my nerves."


"HEY!?  Why is that girl baby with MY Meme!? What is the meaning of this anyway?"

"I think we need to talk Carlee."

"How about me and you take a little nap first, then we can play!  Sounds like a good plan, right!?"

"I like the way Sprout thinks.  Good Plan!"

"Oh Man, I hope my Mommy doesn't embarrass me in front of Sprout.  Mama, noooo singing Itsy Bitsy Spider in front of Sprout, pleassseee."

"Hey Carlee, if you think your fingers taste good, you should try these!"

"Not bad Sprout."

"You didn't even say anything about my pretty dress."

"Hey Sprout, let's Rock and Roll!"

"Naaaaaa, I have a better idea!"

"Let's hold hands, it's so much easier and you don't have to sweat."

"BFFs (Baby Friends Forever)!!"

Pacifier Break

"Oh Yeah, we are taking this partayyyy outside! yum. yum."

"Carlee this is fun, but now I need to spend time with my favorite gals- Mommy....

and MeMe!"

"I had fun too Sprout, and I totally get it....

my favorite date is waiting on me and his name is My Daddy!"

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