Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Week in Review

This week no exciting vacation pictures, but I'm actually not bummed we don't have the money for vacation..less work for me.  
This Sunday required us to be at church a bit early.  I was teaching class, and Darren was doing some job that involves the money plate, so we needed to move it!  
We were late, again.  Basically I couldn't find my notes, my bible (which I forgot going to church), my cell phone, Connor's left shoe, anything to wear, and my car keys.  Maybe because things are a little untidy.  Or perhaps a better term for my life, er, I mean house is disaster area.

Due to this..
and this.
I've been a bit preoccupied.

People are always saying, "let the laundry and the dishes go and enjoy your kids and sleep".  That is bull.  If you really do that, you won't find the kids much less enjoy them.  I am the artist Formally Known as Organized.  I have completely lost control of everything.  I just can't function in a mess.  Naturally  intellegient people are able to operate in a messy area, but people with attention issues have to have neatness, everything has to have a place.  I had no choice but to get up at 5:00am this week to clean quietly or suffer the consequences when my children disappeared like Jimmy Hoffa under all the junk. 

A few examples (it would be too scary to show the other rooms).


It was so bad I didn't even notice the bat/or sting ray hanging on the living room wall with the push pin.  Connor also had dead leaves all over his floor to feed his pretend snakes.

Now that we are a party of four, we need a better plan in place because it took me forever to catch up on cleaning and laundry,  expecially with Unhappy Carlee who is unhappy all unhappy day.  

We ventured out a few times this week.  I suspect Carlee is teething so we headed to the drug store for some baby meds.  The lucky people at the drugstore got to hear the musical hits by Carlee! 

What would you like to hear first "I want to Waaaaaa and Roll All Night and Crymore Every Day?"  or "Let's Cry like It's 1999"?
And somehow Connor managed to knock over this.......

while we were waiting in line.  Three people let us move ahead but not before telling me why Carlee was crying- "she must be wet", "is she hungry", "you have your hands full", "does she need to be fed", "put some sugar in her bottle", "she might be cold", "my sister gave her baby cereal three times a day", "try a breathing machine", "try some massage with oil".  
I would like to thank the strangers at Walgreens, if it weren't for you I wouldn't be able to put my pants on. 

(oh jeez I hope I was wearing pants, I don't remember things anymore). 


Connor got a few moments of baby free crying and he is closer to swimming (self taught with a few tips from dad)!

Connor went from being the center of my attention to taking a backseat.  I think he handles it well.  Of course I'm onto the fact he is handling it well because I'm not monitoring his naughty ideas as much.  I have to have a watchful eye and a determination of steel or the kid will be setting fire to things in the backyard while eating a box of cookies for lunch.

Our favorite lunch.  It took two hours to get this order.  The manager called me and said they were so behind.  I worked in customer service for five years through college.  I was kind to him.  As a result we got a free lunch that day!  BE KIND People.

This week I joined friends for lunch and a pool party.  Unfortunately after about 90 minutes Darren texted me an SOS.  I can't blame him...a crying baby is not for the faint of heart.   All my friends were parked behind me, so they all just ended up leaving early.  Sorry girls. :(

Adventures of DIVA Girl:
I'm getting the heck out of this place.  I haven't had a cold bottle for 10 whole minutes.  How is a girl suppose to take the edge off?

 BLAST IT!  She latched me in.  Just be cool, be cool.  Don't let them know what your up to....

 Ha!  This latch is not even stopping me! With a little trick of the fingers I'll be out of here lickety split. 

  I could kick myself.  Escaping Strollers for Dummies is such a freaking ripoff!

Good Night and Sleep Tight!

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