Sunday, July 15, 2012

Road Trip

Today the Sechrist Clan took some family time on the Blue Ridge.  We went to Mabry Mill on one of our stops.

The last time I went to Mabry Mill, I was a little girl. I was in a wedding. Check out the bride and her hat.  I thought she was the most beautiful bride in the world.

The mill/water wheel seemed so LARGE to me as a child.  I was surprised it was so small, but I was more interested in the history this time.  
I think it must have appeared really large to Connor.  He was very excited by it.

When we made a pit stop, he yelled for me to come QUICK.  "Mom you have GOT to see this view!!!!"

I looked over and .....

took a picture of the great view (a few inches from my camera)!  :)

what a view, right?  ha.

Connor shared with anyone who would listen that "the pot was used for making soup way back when during the old days".  One woman who passed by tried to explain that it was used for soap making.  I told her to save her breath, once he gets something in his head...there is nothing to be done.

chicken soup, vegetable soup, cream of mushroom soup, stick soup...

Darren had not spent all day with the kids in a while.  I think he asked Connor to "calm down" and "quit yelling"  fifty times. 
 I had to remind him that Connor got keyed up going to our backyard.  
Carlee, on the other hand, was more low key for once (like her dad) today.

It was a gorgeous day.

We toured the inside of the sawmill that was once used  as a blacksmith shop, gristmill, and sawmill. 

There was lots to see on the inside,

and the view was beautiful, but Connor was MOST impressed with....... 

this trash can!  "Mom...Dad....Look! Look!  A trashcan.  They had a trashcan way back when!!!"

Isn't it amazing?  :)

Baby Carlee enjoyed the views.

I tried to get a picture with her in the scenery, but the sun was right in her eyes.

So I tried to get a shot of her in the shade.  Didn't I take such a good picture of Carlee?  (I swear you could see her through the plastic window better in person). 

Below is where the Sechrist Ancestry would have been.  
Forget about all that hard work at the water wheel when there happens to be a whiskey still!  (I just wrote a lyric to a new country song!)

Connor = The Energizer Bunny on Monster Energy Drink

slow down...wait for me...errrr. never mind.

We listened to music.  Connor said he "loved listening to the violet best".  I told him right away the proper verbal usage for 'violin' is NOT 'violet', its 'fiddle'!! 
 Jeez....raising a proper Carolina boy is hard work, the next thing you know he will be using words like  'am not' instead of 'ain't'.

We got to the van just in time, because it stormed like mad the instant we were all inside the vehicle. (Meanwhile, Connor was having his own mad storm because his dad wouldn't buy him a $8.00 Mabry Mill key chain.  Parents these days are so cruel.)  

stormy weathaaaaaaa

Overall we had a good time and I learned a few things.   I would have to say that the most important thing I learned on this trip wassssss.....

NEVER over blow dry on a humid day!  What in the HAIR is going on here!?!  Do you see this bouffant? Yikes.  
I asked Darren if I always look like this, and he said the wind was "probably" blowing.  Ummmm....I'm pretty sure I would have noticed the hurricane winds to get a blowout like this.  I will never forget my hair gel again.  

On our way home we stopped by our friends' home- J and W.  We didn't call or text because I forgot my phone.  We find that is the best way to visit friends, or they become "busy" when we call.  

  By the way, let me apologize again to my friends about Connor who spilled Dr. Pepper all over the hardwood floors, his stinky shoes that stunk up the house so bad the shoes had to go and the baby wipes had to be used on his feet, and for opening the collector race car.  Also, I should apologize for Carlee who screamed while you guys were probably hoping to have a restful and peaceful Sunday, and who had a BM all over your jeans.  

(I just can't understand why we don't have more friends.)

But really you all were the best and we love you!  We can't wait to visit again soon (hope you don't move without telling us).

Of course, before we left the house I specifically told Darren to "grab three or four onesies because Carlee already spit up over one outfit in the car".  He somehow misinterpreted that as "grab three or four burp cloths" !?!?  
The only thing I had to put on Carlee when she had her BIG BM, were these newborn, footed, ballerina, pajamas.

 My friend J. just chopped off the ballet slippers and we were in redneck heaven!

chopped ballet shoes

Carlee wore her "new" outfit out to dinner.
We finished our day with PIZZA. The perfect way to end (or start) any day!

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