Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

Fourth of July Week:

I started this week with a walk down memory lane.  Now that I'm 100% certain I'm having had a girl, it was time to clear out tubs and ALL of Connor's old baby clothing.  I saved few of his things for memories or for his children (when he is forty).  To think that he will be seven years old in a few months.... *sigh

  Speaking of chores, Darren wanted Connor to help him clean up the yard after the storm.  He complained so much, Darren made him help pick up sticks out of the neighbor's yard too.  Go Dad.  I had to secretly take a few pictures from the basement window.  Connor's reaction was classic.  LAZY.  


He worked hard for a full FIFTEEN MINUTES!?!  and then he simply had to crash.  I'm thinking he needs Farm Camp.


Put First thing First, then you can Sharpen the Saw!

Dad being on Vacation is the BEST.  Darren showed Connor how to  swim under the water, a few more lessons and he will be a good little swimmer. :)


I had Childrens Church this week.  I thought it would be fun to light some sparklers.  
Due to the wind we had to stop early, I was certain we were moving into the 'Operation New Building Fund Sooner Than Later Campaign'.

For snack I saw this Red, White, and Blue drink on the Today Show.  I bought all the ingredients and followed the directions to make at church......

And this is what it looked like.....

We went from God Bless America to Purple Rain.  I can work with it!


Little Boy + Smoke Bombs= The Fire Detector going off too many times.


This morning Connor and I rode the Fourth of July float in the parade. 
Big Fun!

Here are a few of the sweeties in the parade.  I LOVE our church kids, they are hilarious!

Great Quotes While Riding in the Parade (by adults and children):
"I bring the glamour to the parade."
"You can spank while riding in a parade can't you?"
"Yes, I think Barack Obama passed that 'you can spank in a parade' last week."
"Throw the candy like you are shooting a gun."  
"Noooo, we are NOT throwing candy like a gun."
"I've got hay in the crack of my butt!"
"This is about God."  
"I thought it was about the Americans and the British?"
"Is this called the Bannertown Parade?"
"Did you just ask if this was Bannertown Parade, ummm, its the Ararat Parade!?"
"I'm having to say the exact same things to you when we were riding this parade at age three, now SIT DOWN."
"Save some candy for the dogs people."
"We're rationing our candy.  We are the Hunger Games of the parade."
"This float is moving toooo slow.  It's because a horse is leading the parade."
Another 12 miles....
another 11 miles....
another 10 miles......

ANOTHER Fundamental Difference in Boys and Girls-
the girls had candy left in their bowls by the end of the parade.

This is what our boys' bowls looked like ten minutes into the parade.  They ignored my "One PIECE at a TIME BOYS!"

It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either of them. 
 -Mark Twain

Happy Fourth of July
Thank you to all who served and serve.