Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy 4 Months Carlee

Happy 4 Months Carlee!

-This month you’ve gone from particular princess to full blown DIVA.  You’re like a little Mariah Carey without the heels but all of the demands.  (I know you could match her high notes).

-No more breastfeeding...the supplies are depleted………

-...soooo we’ve switched formulas four times to aid in tummy troubles….but nothing helps.  Perhaps fine caviar and champagne??

-You are finally enjoying all those floor toys given to us at your baby shower.  You reach and grab out for things all the time.

-Unfortunately your “baby goggles” affect your depth perception making it hard to pick up your pacifier or that colorful rattle.  Yep you get frustrated, but you know what they say ‘Life Looks Good, Good, Good…Carlee’s got her baby goggles on.  Hey!’

-You recognize your family members.

-You are very particular about the entourage you keep. You will only allow me to hold you.  Sure I get tired, but your sooooo cute I think I’ll keep you.

-You weigh 14 pounds (50th percentile), I remember your brother always being in the 90th percentile for weight and height.

-We have started you on juice and cereal to aid in tummy troubles.  The verdict is still out.  Sometimes you eat it and sometimes you don’t.  If it wasn’t for that darn contraption called a spoon the whole thing would be so much easier.

-You are not rolling over quite yet but you are very physical.  You are always twisting and turning and lifting up your body.  When I get you from the crib in the morning you are upside down from the way I laid you.

-I better enjoy that large toothless grin, because you are teething.  You are always gnawing, slobbering, and screaming.  You handle pain like your mother… I do all those things after I get a paper cut.

-This month you are going for your second round of shots and I’m preparing your brother like he is the one getting the shots.  His response to your doctor’s appointment, “if they bring out shots I’m taking her out of there!!!” (your reaction could never be as bad as his.  He is going to have to be put out in the hall).

-You still sleep all night long, but of course you cry all day so you should be tired.

-I wish I could help your cry, but I know from Connor that these things are tough in the moment but temporary.  You are our little Blessing and we love you and LOVE watching you grow!

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