Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week in Review

Doctor's Appointment- Four Months Old

Petting a Chinchilla

Science Works-  Can anyone tell us about their favorite animal?
Sweet Child #1:  "I like soft cats and kitties."
Sweet Child #2:  "I like something that has big feet, big ears, and a trunk...a baby elephant!"
Connor:  "I like an animal that can wrap around your neck and cut off your air supply! It's a python!"

Deadpan Silence (no more Animal Planet for a while).

I took this bone stress test at Science Works.  When Connor stood on the pedal, the bone didn't even light up.  When I stepped on the pedal, it lit up like the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. My poor joints. 

Visit from sweet Ms. A. and her even sweeter little boy.  It was so good to see them. 

Lost another Tooth 

Summer Veggies, mmmmmmm:   
Thanks to my Green Thumb Neighbors

Aunt Stephy brought by a special treat!

Another summer storm and NO air condition.  Time for a night drive and an ice cream drive thru.

Another visitor?  Don't worry I handled it with my usual cool and calmness.

I won't tell you who really FREAKED OUT.  Mr. Snake Lover himself (it starts with a c and rhymes with ronnor!).

Summer Fun

Connor is still a new swimmer so I found myself suffocating him with my worry.  At one point he said 'I wish you would just go, you won't leave me alone'.  He was right so I backed off, but then I saw him try a handstand underwater and his little feet were kicking like crazy.  I ran (Baywatch Style- Plus Size Version) to save my baby.  I jerked him up and screamed ARE YOU OK? ARE YOU OK!?  His annoyed response:  MOMMMMM, I'm fine.  You messed up my handstand!   The people watching started laughing.

He really was fine, but I thought he was drowning.  

I hope this is my future:  sweet, healthy older couple, just talking, holding hands, watching their three grandchildren play in the water!  

World's Worst Mother Award- My Kid Fell Out of the Van Oscar

On our way back home, we circled the back of the house making sure there was NO snake.  Connor opened the sliding door to look out.  Apparently he never shut the door.   I wasn't paying attention and turned out to the main road where Connor fell OUT into the road!  I didn't realize what happened until I saw Connor run behind my van and into our yard.  We heard the cars behind me frantically beeping their horns and yelling.  

I can only tell you that we all learned our lesson.  Don't move the vehicle until everyone is SECURE and all doors are closed! 
I've been between laughing crazily (my kid flew out of a moving van) and crying hysterically (he could have really been hurt) at the whole thing.
Thank Jesus no one was hurt.

That night, after we had a chance to calm down from our traumatic van ride, we watched Teen Wolf on cable.  Connor had never watched this movie and he loved it.  We joked that Connor was pulling a Teen Wolf on me.

Trying to Crawl?

Making pretend goodies on the Easy Bake App.

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