Friday, July 13, 2012

A Fun Visit

Connor and Carlee are very lucky to have family members that LOVE them lots and lots.  I know you aren't suppose to have favorites, but I think Connor has two favorites.  Its a close race between grandmas and grandpa but I think these two win:

Cousins Mr. O and Ms. O

Mr. O is smart and funny.  He loves music, is an amazing speller, keeps stats on our local teams, and loves games!  He is away at a University educational camp for his age, learning lots, and having fun.

 Ms. O is so spunky and smart.  She loves glitter boots, painted finger nails, and pink, but she is also every bit a tomboy.

We were very excited to have Ms. O come to our house.
She brought a few things in case of emergency.

Ms. O knows how to dine out for lunch.  It was her idea for us to share this Chocolate Delight...

and mmmmmmmmmm was it good!

On our way home Ms. O brought her book and read to Connor, Carlee, and me.  It was a mystery.  It held everyone's attention the whole ride.  She read three whole chapters to us!

Even when Connor kept interrupting to exclaim that he 'knows the orangutan couldn't have stole the painting because why would he do that!?!'  Ms. O was very patient and answered all questions before continuing on.

Once we were home it was time for a wrestling match on the steps!

Then it was time to set up camp.

We all settled in for the night,

but not before we watched plenty of this

and this.

The next day it was cloudy and rainy, so we didn't get to swim.  But it did clear up long enough to have lunch on the veranda at Cafe de Sechrist.

They were very patient customers, while the waitress tended to Carlee.

They ordered lemonade in fancy holiday glasses,

and the Hors d'oeuvre Special- oyster crackers, butter popcorn, and Ritz crackers with cheese and a dollop of peanut butter.  The main course was chicken nuggets, ketchup, and potato chips.

Then an unexpected guest arrived....

and my customers became demanding, so I moved the customers indoors.

I didn't know it was possible, but Connor and Ms. O attracted more dogs to our house (I counted seven stray dogs).  Our house has been a dog hotel lately.

They love dogs.  After many hours of viewing Animal Police...I think they took their jobs a little too seriously.


When more rain came, we  watched a movie about a girl and a dog called I Heart Shakey.  Two thumbs down on the movie, it was REALLY terrible.

We had a great time Ms. O.  We hope you can come back soon!

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