Sunday, July 31, 2011


Do you remember the good ole’ days when you were single or newly married and kept your house perfect??  I know some of you may say ‘I never worried about that’ and some of you may say ‘I still keep my house perfect’ (and if you’re saying that I hate your ever living guts…kidding, pregnancy hormones). 

I remember the days when I would be irate if Darren threw change on the living room table after I just polished it, or if the dog walked through the house after I WAXED and vacuumed,  or if the neat magazine stack was knocked over.  I remember when I would take each picture frame and ‘whatnot’ down and dust carefully.  I would clean out each closet and nothing would dare be under the beds.  I even washed the curtains and blinds!!!
Today things look a little different.  I think my curtains would reject water, and the blinds are kind of dust colored.  I can live with a little dust and clutter.  Normally I do like things to be neat.  The problem:  I have been physically taken over by something evil that has turned my bones into mush.  If I were a video game, my energy levels would be cut in half.  I would have three reserves of “energy” to spend carefully daily or I would expire.  Game Over.

Seriously, I haven’t been sick or felt bad…. Instead I have been hit with EXTREME FATIGUE.  These are literally the choices I make daily: 
1.  Pick One Only:   spend time with my husband or cook dinner
2.  Pick One Only:  take care of Connor or dust the house (are those cobwebs I see?? Oh heck, leave em’ till Halloween!  People will think it’s decorations.)
3.  Pick One Only:  take a bath or unload dishwasher
4.  Pick One Only:   brush Connor’s teeth or brush my hair (cowlicks are in, right?)
5. Pick One Only:   vacuum or clean the toilet (are outhouses so bad?)
6.  Pick One Only:  driving to the store or driving anywhere else
7. Pick One Only:  laundry or wearing the same outfit (the smell isn't that strong) 

I’m telling you, if I pick more than one item… I will literally fall asleep while standing!!   I have to make these choices carefully…and I promise you…it is NOT pretty.   My house is one choice away from being on the show Clean House.  I’m just waiting for Niecy Nash to jump out with a purple iris in her hair and say, “DANG girllllfriend, you got some bad breath and some bad cleaning habits! BAM! That’s what Ima Sayin’. HA. HAAA. Oh Yeah!”
I've got to go, I used up an energy reserve on this blog (which means the boys are eating frozen pizza), but could I deny my followers a blog UPDATE?  Absolutely NOT.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hold Fast (even if it's a BAD day)

How can you get into debt in one day??  It all started when Darren poured Connor’s cereal and realized that our roof had been leaking.  Lovely.  He said he would call someone to come out and repair our roof today…CHA-CHING.
anybody got one of these?

Fast Forward later that day to the pediatric dentist.  We realized after Connor went into a WWIII fit on our regular dentist, that there was no way he was getting his fillings fixed unless they could sedate him.  The only people who do that are “specialist”.  The minute we walked into this place I realized we were in the DISNEY LAND OF DENTISTRY.  There were bright murals, books, crayons, a little door for children, and video games to play in the waiting area.  There was even a cappuccino machine and cold water for parents!  Maybe that is why I wasn’t surprised to hear that Connor was going to require dental surgery with sedation = 2, 0000.00. CHA-CHING!  I knew Connor's mouth was expensive but GEEEEZZZZ.

I was depressed, especially in light of my impending pregnancy- CHA-CHING.  What are we to do??  Is Darren going to have to dance at night for money??  Who am I kidding?? we would really go broke then.
Back home I got a call from Connor’s medical doctor.  He has to come in for a Pre-OP appointment.  I just paid for a physical and shots!  What the CRUD??  No. The doctor said that would not be sufficient.  He has to come in for ANOTHER appointment.  CHA-CHING.  GEEZ, is Connor too young to work??  How serious are American Labor Laws?

Ten minutes later, our babysitting plan fell through and we are left reentering him into daycare when I start back work. CHA-CHING.   

yes this is me right now!

I just sat there on the couch getting angrier and angrier about all the people who never even take care of their own children, people who don’t pay for their children….but yet they get their nails done and have SUVs.  I was even resentful toward rich people who can afford children and buy $1,000 dog collars for their pets!!!  I was just mad, mad, and mad.   This is soooooo unfair.
I think GOD allowed my inner spirit to pout for about five seconds before HE reminded me of the all the things I learned this weekend.  First, Beth Moore's text for the 6-hour bible study was Deuteronomy 10:11-21…the theme HOLD FAST.  
All I could say to God is “why do you have to remind me of that now…I’m allowed to get angry…and how about everyone else...hmmmm. Do you remind them that they are thinking bad thoughts???”
But then I thought about all the ways that God Holds (and Held) Fast to me.  He held fast to me when I grew up listening to cursing, screaming, and hitting as a child.  He held fast to me when my fourth grade teacher told me I wouldn’t make it past high school.  He held fast to me when I screamed at God for all the bad things in my life.  He held fast when I was a child in BIG trouble for teaching all the kids at church how to shoot the middle finger.  He held fast to me as I scrimped and scraped my way though college.  He held fast to me when I was given a strong willed (but wonderful) child.  I would never guess that God would one day give me the ability to be a mother, teach a child to read, lead a VBS……
But am I HOLDING FAST back?  I should be on my knees thanking GOD the second I get up.  I should be so excited and happy to live in a place where I can afford books and read them!!  I should be thirsting for God’s word.  I should be begging to serve God in anyway I can…and NOT the self serving kind where I take credit or where I “bargain” with God for Blessings (yes, I'm guilty OK people).
If that wasn’t hard enough to think about….
I was even reminded of the nine teenagers that brought me to tears about their Mission Work in Honduras this summer.  Adults and children alike soaked up love, education, and God’s word like a sponge.  There were not enough bibles to give out to all the children, but they begged for a bible.  AGAIN- there were children BEGGING for a bible...could you see our children doing that? And medical care seems to be a rare jewel for most, but yet the people there are happy and content with what they have.
I also had the pleasure of watching 3 eight year-olds give their life over to God this very weekend.
It’s like the praise and worship song:
And if Our God is for us, then who could ever stop us
And if our God is with us, then what can stand against us?
Now you all know I’m not preachin’ to you, I’m the LAST person that needs to preach to anyone (unless I could be called the Hot Mess Ministries), but I just wanted to share how my thinking took a fast turn and in the process I avoided the ice-cream.
Now I think my day isn’t so bad.  It sounds weird but I’m the richest worried broke person I know.  I hope my friends will pray for me as I try to HOLD FAST with both hands!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Aniversary

This week is my Anniversary! Speaking of marriage....I really think this is what some people think marriage is all about:

Which may explain the divorce rate in this nation.  (Speaking of this book cover- the woman has all that material in her dress and she didn't have enough to cover her "heaving" chest!  What about the mustache and mullet on that dude?? Doesn't it just scream ex-CON.  Listen to me ladies- Never trust a man in that outfit.  Especially with a mullet and that outfit! haaaaaa.) Sorry. Back to the Subject.
Real people know marriage is work, commitment, and it doesn’t always mean making out on a tree like the above people (you know what I mean).  True Marriage is about love, sharing dreams, and mainly figuring out life together, as clueless as you may be.  

With God and each other- Darren and I have built a home and family.  I think we are Blessed!  Looking back I think I had the sweetest Cinderella themed wedding eight years ago.  It was small but very special to me.

Marriage has taught me that a true Prince Charming doesn’t just place the shoe and rescue the princess (as if).  A true Prince Charming makes you laugh when your so angry you are about to karate chop your "prince" in the head, he shares a large order of fries because your checkbook doesn’t allow for a steak dinner, is a good son to his mother, plays World Wrestling with his son so you can finish the last chapter in that great book, he says your pretty even if you gained fifty plus pounds, tells you how talented you are when you have reached a milestone, and unloads the dishwasher when you bring in three bags of work from home! 

And most important you still look great in a pair of jeans, but don't get a big head please.

Happy Anniversary PAL!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sales Girl Experience

There I was lying on the couch in my pajamas at 2:00 in the afternoon.  The house looked like a tornado.  C. is wearing a pair of old shorts playing in the middle of the floor.  I’m right in the middle of a great read…the love story between Harper and Nick.  There is a knock at the door.  Crap.  Who is it? I’ve not brushed my teeth yet!  I open the door and immediately I can tell it’s a salesgirl.  Small, cute, blond and trained perfectly to sale…I got a cue when I opened the door and she pretended to stare into the blue sky.  She turns around in surprise as if she had no idea she just knocked on my door.

Salesgirl: well hello, I’m just visiting the homes of my fellow Christians.

My thought: My name is on a secret fellow Christian list??

Connor:  Do you remember the Macho Man?  He’s got them cool glasses.

Salesgirl: who?

Me: Never mind him.  How can I help you?

Salesgirl: Can I step in for a moment?

My thought:  and see my house?? Heck no.

Me:  Well we were just on our way to grandma’s house.

My thought:   I am such a liar. 

Connor: Hey you want to see me do a cool arm fart??  (Proceeds to arm fart.)

- We step outside.

Me:  Connor go play.

Salesgirl:  I just want to take a few moments to talk to you about some great literature.  How much time do you spend in the Bible with your family?

My thought: Don’t you understand I’m about to find out if Nick and Harper are getting back together and she is about to find her estranged mother after 16 years!?!?

Me:  Everyday.

My thought:  God forgive me.  It’s freaking’ hot out here.

Connor:  Whooooo!  Hey, watch me swing! Watch me swing!

Salesgirl:  WOW!  That is so awesome, everyday!? You must be an amazing mother to study the Bible everyday.  

My thought:   yes, I can tell you believe that by the way Connor is screaming “I’m going to take you down you!” while hanging upside down from the monkey bars.

Me:  Well I try.

My thoughts:  God I will try harder if you get me out of this.

Salesgirl proceeds to call all the names out that have bought this grand product!  People from my church, school, and neighborhood.

Me:  I don’t know any of those people and I'm not going to buy what your selling just because others did.  Show me what it is.

Salesgirl:  Amanda (she got my name earlier, she doesn’t forget a name)…how would you like to improve Connor’s life through the word of God? How would you like to apply meaning like never before to your family?

Me: ummmm…sounds great. 

My thoughts:  I’m melting…what is it 1000 degrees?  What would she do if I said, ‘heck no, we study wrestlan’ in this home.’

Salesgirl:   I have a product that is so amazing you are going to become closer to God, improve you memory of scriptures, and teach Connor like never before. 
Me: Ok, sounds great.

Salesgirl:  Now does your husband allow you to do the purchasing?

Me:  Only when he unchains me from the basement on Tuesdays.

Salesgirl: ha. Ha.

Salesgirl: This product has been bought by (reads all the names, AGAIN) and these parents are so excited by teaching their child through this amazing product.

Connor:  Rock n’ Roll for LIFE! Whoooo. Hooooo.   Watch me turn a flip.  Do you know Bret the Hitman Hart??

My thought:   Maybe I DO need to buy what she is selling.

Me:  ummm….you seem like a really nice girl, but can you just show me this product already and give me the price?

Salesgirl:  (smiling politely) the great thing is this product sales like crazy because it is so affordable.  Can you read this scripture for me?

- I read out of Exodus (about Moses and the Ten Commandments).  There I am reading scriptures in 99 degree heat in pajamas thinking about Harper and Nick and air condition.  Meanwhile, Connor is singing the Star Spangled Banner followed by Let’s Go Racing Boys!

Salesgirl:  So were you able to apply meaning to what you just read?

Me: ummm. Yes. Don’t tick God off.

Salesgirl:  Could Connor apply meaning?

Me:  Yes

Salesgirl: really?

Me:  Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration.  Can I see the product?

Salesgirl: You are funny.

-she opens the suitcase and pulls out a leather-bound book of bible stories (about like the 7 other bible book stories in my house now).  She begins to read to me the story of Moses.

Salesgirl: What do you think about this?

Me:  ummmm… it’s great.  Connor stop riding the dog!  What is the price?

Salesgirl: I was getting to that.  Unlike many plans where you have to pay shipping and handling, internet fees, and pay for labor…this product you get right away for an affordable price.  You can start a layaway program or pay up front?

Me:  What’s the price?

Salesgirl:  193.00

Me:  193 dollars for three books!?!?  I thought God’s gifts were free?  Does it come with a golden Jesus statue??

Salesgirl:   do you want me to show Connor??

Me:  ummm no.  My husband definitely won’t approve of him making the financial decisions.  Thank you so much, but our family can’t afford this.

Salesgirl: but think about all the great family time you could create with this.

Me:  We did that last night over WWE Monday Night Raw.  Ha. Ha. I’m kidding.  Your right, studying the Bible should be of first concern for my family, but I don’t think we need to pay 200.00 to make that a priority.

Salesgirl:   Thank you for your time, your son is delightful.  Good Bye!

Me: (a little loudly) Connor let’s get ready for grandmas!

Connor:  We’re going to grandmas today! Yipee!!

After Salesgirl leaves.

Me:  Ummm. We are Friday, I meant pick out what you want to wear for Friday.

Connor:  I’m going to wear my underwear and wrestling boots.

Me:  Let’s read a bible story.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Brilliant!

We continue to review our letters and sounds at my house.  I take about five to ten minutes a day.  Right now I'm focused on letter identification only for lowercase.  I introduce a few at a time.
Imagine my excitement this week when Connor begged me to do the letters with him!  Really he brought the bag of letters to me!  Wait a minute, this little guy may really enjoy kindergarten.  The past few weeks he has really picked up on what I've been trying to show him all summer, so much so we have started with number identification too!  We watched PBS yesterday and he was able to call out many of the letters and he was proud of himself.  Hallelujah- it seems like we have been doing this forever.  One thing parenthood has taught me; you can NOT force a kid to do something they are not ready to do.  My dad would say I'm too "soft", but believe me knowing when to push and knowing when to hold is a difficult thing to do.

But enough about what Connor can do, what about me?  At the start of the summer I bought a cheap pack of lower/upper case letters with a matching phonetic picture on the back.  In my pack of letter cards, guess what was missing??  The letter 't'.  Instead the pack contained two letter 'i's.  So what did I do (because I'm too lazy to go back to the store)?  I got creative baby.  I turned the 'i' to the 't'.

Then I put a straw on the top of the 't' because C's favorite drink is sweet tea!
Flip over the back and what did I do?  HA- letter cards.  I turned the picture of the ink bottle (for i) into a sweet tea drink (for t). It's SOUTHERN sweet tea.  (I'm not sure why I made black bubbles off the side...I think I just invented carbonated sweet tea).  I think I also invented some kind of REDNECK version of Letterland.

I know, I know... you don't have to tell me...I'm not only BRILLIANT, I'm resourceful!


Monday, July 18, 2011

A Visit from the Stork


"I can’t believe it’s year 2005!  I just got use to 2004.  This year will be the most special of all because I learned 4 days ago I’m pregnant! (Talk about a life changing moment).  I am very excited.  Today I have been cleaning closets to get ready for you and I’m only four weeks.  I’ve already called four daycares about openings.  I’m very worried that something might happen but I am going to push that to the side.  Meanwhile, your father is worrying about money (don’t worry you’ll get use to it!)  The rest of the family is very excited about your arrival.  I am both nervous and excited about this unexpected journey.”

The above was my first journal entry when I found out I was pregnant with Connor, and boy was I CLUELESS about the challenges ahead…I was clueless about how hard it would be and about how wonderful it would be. 

Here I am again!  I found out I am about 5 weeks pregnant with child #2!!! Oh My Gosh…that sounds strange.  Everyone knows I can barely remember where I put my keys.  But I know that God would not give me this gift if He didn’t believe I could do it.  
Currently, the whole family is excited like in my first journal entry. I can tell you I’m not cleaning out any closets or calling daycares.  I’ve been through this song and dance before and I know that stressing out and trying to plan every single detail is like a cat chasing its tail.  Of course not much has changed with Darren; I think I heard him having an intimate talk with the checkbook last night.  He is certain we are now doomed to live in a paper box.   
Anytime I feel myself getting afraid or nervous I pray about it…’s a tried and true technique people!!  It comforts me, because this is probably the last time I will be pregnant and I want to enjoy it.

Philippians 4:6-7
don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. (NLT)

No one is more excited than Connor!  He talks about it often, asking me lots of questions.  (Can I tell you a secret- it’s a great discipline technique.  'If your going to be a big brother you have to set an example, you have to brush your teeth, you have to open the car door for mom', etc. etc.)  Of course this is Connor, so he thinks the baby will be here next week. 

One thing is certain, gone are the days when I had the house to myself as a pregnant women.  Good bye nap times, good bye to quiet book reading, and good bye to long bubble baths.  Now I have a little boy watching everything.  This morning I started watching Baby Story on TLC and it didn’t take long for me to decide I better turn it before C. got more educated than needed….his journal entries are already going to be colorful enough at school.  After lunch I let him look through a Pregnancy Week by Week book.  I swear  I previewed the whole thing…there are apparently pictures on the flip side I forgot about.  I didn’t think much of it until I heard him laughing hysterically at a picture of a buck naked pregnant woman (don’t worry that book is now on the top shelf).   Who poses naked at 9 months pregnant??   Really I know what my parts look like, I don’t need a diagram.  Geez Wheez.

Meanwhile, I hope that you all will think of me in your own prayers because between this and kindergarten I’ll need lot's of Divine Intervention!:) 
Connor's First Pictures

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's all in the name......

Tonight the Sechrist family went to the grocery store, and I was happy because no one was hurt or broke anything.  As typical, certain products started to catch Connor's eye and he started to beg for these "must haves".  This started dad's job of 'no, no, no, put it back, no'.  Of course they place these products at perfect eye level of young children so they are able to snatch it up and torture parents.  It's a CONSPIRACY!  I'm PRETTY sure no adults are going to buy the following:
If this drink was the best tasting thing in the WORLD, I still couldn't bring myself to drink something called Chubby. "Hey Girl, what are you drinking?  Chubby. ummmm, should you be drinking that?" (I have a fear of that happening to me OK).   CHUBBY, really?  Are we not even hiding the fact that the food industry is helping aid in childhood obesity anymore?? (something also tells me this is probably exact to the drug 'speed' for kids)

Oh YUMMY.  Here Connor my sweet you want some animal cocoa droppings??  TASTY!  I can tell you I am NEVER picky about my chocolate..but even I can't eat little brown balls called Cocoa Drops!?!

As I was writing this blog, I got curious to see what the worst product names might be...and this is what I found (sue me...I like to crack  myself up, ok) these are the rated G:
This is for the cold from hell.

mmmmmmm.  pee cola.... refreshing!

I guess I would drink it if I were really, really really, really, thirsty.

Fart Juice!?! In a green bottle?

Weight Loss Supplement pronounced AIDS.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Romans 12:12

Romans 12:12
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Today was a great day at church.  We had an intimate group in Sunday School, and we chatted about childbirth and our reaction to change (the childbirth discussion was an add on).   It seems someone in our Sunday school class has been pregnant for the past several years.  I know for me major changes in my life can be really hard.  I know God had been instilling more patience in me for a long time.  I'm all like 'but God I want to know when, where, and why?  I want to know all the details of the impending future.  Waiting is soooo hard for me.  Just tell me where this is going, Ok BIG GUY!?'  Of course, we know that this is not life.
 Really to watch God take an impossible situation and make it possible is a pretty incredible testimony.  He has lead me where I never thought I could, and He has given me more than I know I ever deserve.  I know that God continues to change and mold me, and I pray to release control and just enjoy this life.
I also had Children’s Church today.  Our youth minister is leading a team to Honduras for mission work- I think it will be an incredible experience for all.  These children always crack me up!  Today all the girls were all sitting to one side all prim and proper…saying the right things at the right times.  The boys were as WILD as could be…tossing a hat across the room, scrambling to get it, and then finding something else to argue about.  I had to threaten to take the sugar cookies away.  The most interesting thing is that the boys are always wild, but they always do the best job of retelling the story and giving insight.  This confirms what I know- boys are smart but they really need movement and action. 
Soooo we took the party outside with the big parachute.
The premise of the game was to shout bible scriptures and run underneath…but it ended up being just shouting, surviving, and me praying.  Wildness is a sign that school needs to start soon, but it was fun.
After church, my family headed to the Mayflower for some tasty FRIED shrimp.  It was so very good, and then we went to the mall where I scored these three totally RAD headbands at Rue 21 (guess how much they cost?  19.99? noooo.  15.55?  nooooo.  1.00 Each!!!!!).   

Though I’m not sure where I’m going to wear the white feather headband with fake diamonds.  If needed, I’ll wear it with my peach high heels when I vacuum the living will make me feel more glamorous.

Connor made a wish in the wishing circle at the mall; he wished for a race car.  Of course he actually scored a new match box race car on discount about 30 minutes later.  Darren said last night at the race C. was WILD.  He said when you have to threaten to spank at the race track of all places you know it’s BAD...he was more crazy and loud than the race cars and drivers!  I think he may need to enter a structured environment soon.  We have been enjoying the summer way too much.
On the other hand, I have been trying to teach him his lower case letter names.  You should see me making up stories to have him remember those letters, Mr. w is a wrestler who makes a gangster peace sign like this-,

Mr. p likes to pee-

Mr. i..attacks with his evil eye- 

I know I'm making his future therapist rich, but I swear its the only way to get his interest.  It is taking him forever to learn these; especially when he would rather be jumping around like a caffeine induced monkey.  I have to remember, even though I want to know the future- all of C.'s challenges and experiences in kindergarten- we are on God’s time and that things will happen when they are suppose to happen (even if its sooooo hard to be patience).

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Channel Surfing

It’s Saturday Night and Darren and Connor are off to bond at the racetrack.  Most every Saturday night they spend quality father/son time...but sometimes C. gets so latched to me he doesn’t want to go.  So this morning I bought him some way cool noise cancellation head phones, and he couldn’t WAIT to try them out at the racetrack!  (Oh Yeah I’m that Good).   
D. repeatedly asked ‘are you sure you don’t want to go? Yes, yes…I don’t want to take from quality MAN time.  As much as I LOVE being alone…the second they left I was bored.  I have a good book I’m in the middle of, I could finish my Sunday School lesson, I could mop the floor,  I could go for a walk,  I could write the next great American novel……but instead I just laid on the couch, completely UNMOTIVATED.  I really wanted to eat the ice cream in the freezer (you know the ice cream my very lean husband bought and eats about ½ cup a week.  Who does that!?)  But I told myself ‘No’, I worked out hard this morning…I am not eating ice cream.  Still, I could not MOVE off the couch. 

This is pretty much my channel flipping history; I guess major networks assume that people go OUT like Johnny Travolta on a Saturday night:

SYFY ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’:  I’m sorry I don’t buy 'Even Stevens'’ (Shia LeBeouf) as the new Indiana Jones…moving right along.
CNBC ‘Princess’:  (where rich brats are reformed through a financial adviser):  Direct quote from Father- “She just breaks that credit card out and doesn’t care what she spends..she was born spoiled”.  Let me think about this one…YOU are the Father…TAKE THE CREDIT CARD AWAY and teach some financial responsibility.  I can’t watch this, it annoys me.

I could use some ice-cream…no, no, no. Don’t think about it..skip over the Food Network.

A&E ‘Hoarders’:  I’m going to GAG looking at the toilet in that house….I’m serious how do you eat at that table??..I’m going to GAG again…I know you want to change your life on this show, but I can’t watch this anymore.
BET ‘Music Awards’:  So Cool Steve Harvey won an award, and he THANKED God and his mama who took him to church! I don’t know any of these singers, where is Beyonce?  Moving on….
TBS ‘The Wedding Planner’:  I’ve seen this before….Yeah Right..noooo way is J-LO single and lonely. 

Why the heck isn’t anyone on Facebook?  Geez am I the ONLY one bored.

Still thinking about ice-cream in the freezer.

NBC ‘Dateline Real Life Mysteries’:  YIKES, the music is scaring me.  Have I seen that guy before?  This show is making me think there is a masked man outside my window NOW..turning channel, turning channel…..
Shop Network ‘Sexy Swimsuits’:  …haaaaaaaaa.  Underwear is less revealing.  What else is on?
Discovery Health ‘Untold Stories of the ER’:  …GROOOOSSSSSSSS ME OUT.

Well I don’t want ice-cream now. 

Lifetime for Women ‘Fatal Lessons- The Good Teacher’:  Drama about a teacher? Noooo thanks.

I’m sure there are people on Facebook now? Great, no one.

E! ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’:  SO SICK OF THE KARDASHIANS…good grief E! just change your name to the Kardashian channel.  Where is the E! True Hollywood Story on Guns N' Roses??
Showtime- ‘New Moon/ Twilight’:  Oh for goodness sake…quit pining over a dead guy and go to college!  Way to go Bella you just set woman kind back 10 years by crying over a boy the whole movie.

I’ll just buy a movie on my DVR, but first I’m getting some ice cream. 

Beastly….Is this for age 13 and under?  This dialogue bites…and I think the whole point is that it’s the inside that counts, not the outside?  Unless you’re an actor…then nobody cares about your insides, but you do have to know how to ACT in a movie ( I think).

Well I wasted my whole night doing NOTHING.  I did manage to pluck my eyebrows, but I don’t think you should pluck when channel surfing….I  look like this now! (Maybe I’ll start a new trend).  

Now the crew is home, so I splashed some soap suds on my face to make it look like I was scrubbing the bathtub, being so busy as normal.  :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Fresh Prince and Summer Time Products

So FAR this summer has been so great.  Like most people in this economy, we really don’t have the money to go fancy places.  Our most exotic vacation involves the water hose in our backyard, but we have found lots of things to do….and we have had fun.  I have learned that children really don’t care about going places, but care more about how much time you spend with them.  

I don’t know what I’m going to do when it’s time to start back to work.  For example, I set my alarm this morning for 7:00am and hit snooze until 8:25am.  This doesn’t bode well for the 5:30am wake up call, and this year I will have a very unmotivated five year old to wake up and get off to school.  I will not think about that now...instead I’ll  “think of the summers of the past adjust the base and let the alpine blast, pop in my CD and let me run a rhyme, and put your car on cruise and lay back cause this is summertime!  Summer, summer, summertiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmeeeeee, time to sit back and unwiiiinnnnnddddd!” (what???  I HEART DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Ok.)  

Speaking of summer there are a few items I can’t live without!  I’ll admit I’m a beauty junkie; I’ll buy and try anything.  Gosh knows I’ve wasted plenty of dollars on products that are a total bust...but these things are AWESOME….so try them out unless you would rather be “chillin in the car spending all day waxin leanin to the side but you can't speed through, Two miles an hour so everybody sees you, there's an air of love and of happiness and this is the Fresh Prince's new definition of summer madness!

Women's Shape-ups X F - Accelerators:  Ok I am NOT one of these people who think I will look like Kim Kardashian if I wear these shoes and scarf doughnuts, but I do like these shoes.  I actually bought these brand new from a coworker for 50% off.  They really support your back, and your calf muscles will feel it if you wear these all day!  (Plus I love the Breast Cancer Awareness Design)

TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 25:  OK ladies (and gents)...moisturizing is important.  This is a Mary Kay product (which is a little pricey), but it's like a drink for your face.  It provides great moisturizing and SPF, which is important in this heat! 
Do you want to look like this???  There is such a thing as TOO Tan.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub, Brazilian Nut:  This is an exfoliating sugar body scrub.  It gets rid of dead skin and makes your skin smooth.  It smells great.  Connor thought I was sneaking cookies in the bathroom (really I would NEVER do that).  The downside- the mosquitoes ate the crap out of me when I went outside the next day.

Renpure Organics Amazing Miracle: This is a 6.00 conditioner/reconstructer....leave it on your hair for 5 minutes and it will leave your hair feeling really light and healthy.  It gets rid of frizz and leaves wavy hair straight.  I love it.

NYC Liquid Lip Shine- Rose: Don't forget your kisser!  99 just melts off in the summer, but I have to have lip gloss.  This gives just a light color and its affordable!

or for more fun you can do this lipstick-
We invented this look back in the's called a blue Popsicle.

Thirty One Organizing Utility Tote:  This tote has 5 exterior pockets and two mesh pockets.  You can use this bag for anything...I take it to the pool and it holds our towels, sunscreens snacks.  I use it for Children's Church and it hold snacks, books, crafts.  I use it for a day out...magazines, books, water bottles.....I LOVE this bag. I think it is about 22.00 (see your nearest Thirty One seller).