Sunday, July 31, 2011


Do you remember the good ole’ days when you were single or newly married and kept your house perfect??  I know some of you may say ‘I never worried about that’ and some of you may say ‘I still keep my house perfect’ (and if you’re saying that I hate your ever living guts…kidding, pregnancy hormones). 

I remember the days when I would be irate if Darren threw change on the living room table after I just polished it, or if the dog walked through the house after I WAXED and vacuumed,  or if the neat magazine stack was knocked over.  I remember when I would take each picture frame and ‘whatnot’ down and dust carefully.  I would clean out each closet and nothing would dare be under the beds.  I even washed the curtains and blinds!!!
Today things look a little different.  I think my curtains would reject water, and the blinds are kind of dust colored.  I can live with a little dust and clutter.  Normally I do like things to be neat.  The problem:  I have been physically taken over by something evil that has turned my bones into mush.  If I were a video game, my energy levels would be cut in half.  I would have three reserves of “energy” to spend carefully daily or I would expire.  Game Over.

Seriously, I haven’t been sick or felt bad…. Instead I have been hit with EXTREME FATIGUE.  These are literally the choices I make daily: 
1.  Pick One Only:   spend time with my husband or cook dinner
2.  Pick One Only:  take care of Connor or dust the house (are those cobwebs I see?? Oh heck, leave em’ till Halloween!  People will think it’s decorations.)
3.  Pick One Only:  take a bath or unload dishwasher
4.  Pick One Only:   brush Connor’s teeth or brush my hair (cowlicks are in, right?)
5. Pick One Only:   vacuum or clean the toilet (are outhouses so bad?)
6.  Pick One Only:  driving to the store or driving anywhere else
7. Pick One Only:  laundry or wearing the same outfit (the smell isn't that strong) 

I’m telling you, if I pick more than one item… I will literally fall asleep while standing!!   I have to make these choices carefully…and I promise you…it is NOT pretty.   My house is one choice away from being on the show Clean House.  I’m just waiting for Niecy Nash to jump out with a purple iris in her hair and say, “DANG girllllfriend, you got some bad breath and some bad cleaning habits! BAM! That’s what Ima Sayin’. HA. HAAA. Oh Yeah!”
I've got to go, I used up an energy reserve on this blog (which means the boys are eating frozen pizza), but could I deny my followers a blog UPDATE?  Absolutely NOT.


  1. It will get better!!!! It's so hard when you have another child. I vaguely remember the first few months of this last pregnancy. I think I spent the entire first trimester and part of the second on the couch. It's a whole new kind of exhausted.

    If I can help you with anything, I'll be glad to. All you have to do is ask!

    p.s. A little unsolicited advice from a mom of 3: Keep the snacks down low in the pantry so Connor can grab them himself! Movie nights are going to be your saving grace. Do what you can and what you must. Everything else will still be there when you feel up to it.

  2. Thank you for that advice...I just don't know how you do it!?! Girl I am all about Movie Night. Anytime we can come over and put the kids in front of a movie, let me know!!