Sunday, July 10, 2011

Romans 12:12

Romans 12:12
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Today was a great day at church.  We had an intimate group in Sunday School, and we chatted about childbirth and our reaction to change (the childbirth discussion was an add on).   It seems someone in our Sunday school class has been pregnant for the past several years.  I know for me major changes in my life can be really hard.  I know God had been instilling more patience in me for a long time.  I'm all like 'but God I want to know when, where, and why?  I want to know all the details of the impending future.  Waiting is soooo hard for me.  Just tell me where this is going, Ok BIG GUY!?'  Of course, we know that this is not life.
 Really to watch God take an impossible situation and make it possible is a pretty incredible testimony.  He has lead me where I never thought I could, and He has given me more than I know I ever deserve.  I know that God continues to change and mold me, and I pray to release control and just enjoy this life.
I also had Children’s Church today.  Our youth minister is leading a team to Honduras for mission work- I think it will be an incredible experience for all.  These children always crack me up!  Today all the girls were all sitting to one side all prim and proper…saying the right things at the right times.  The boys were as WILD as could be…tossing a hat across the room, scrambling to get it, and then finding something else to argue about.  I had to threaten to take the sugar cookies away.  The most interesting thing is that the boys are always wild, but they always do the best job of retelling the story and giving insight.  This confirms what I know- boys are smart but they really need movement and action. 
Soooo we took the party outside with the big parachute.
The premise of the game was to shout bible scriptures and run underneath…but it ended up being just shouting, surviving, and me praying.  Wildness is a sign that school needs to start soon, but it was fun.
After church, my family headed to the Mayflower for some tasty FRIED shrimp.  It was so very good, and then we went to the mall where I scored these three totally RAD headbands at Rue 21 (guess how much they cost?  19.99? noooo.  15.55?  nooooo.  1.00 Each!!!!!).   

Though I’m not sure where I’m going to wear the white feather headband with fake diamonds.  If needed, I’ll wear it with my peach high heels when I vacuum the living will make me feel more glamorous.

Connor made a wish in the wishing circle at the mall; he wished for a race car.  Of course he actually scored a new match box race car on discount about 30 minutes later.  Darren said last night at the race C. was WILD.  He said when you have to threaten to spank at the race track of all places you know it’s BAD...he was more crazy and loud than the race cars and drivers!  I think he may need to enter a structured environment soon.  We have been enjoying the summer way too much.
On the other hand, I have been trying to teach him his lower case letter names.  You should see me making up stories to have him remember those letters, Mr. w is a wrestler who makes a gangster peace sign like this-,

Mr. p likes to pee-

Mr. i..attacks with his evil eye- 

I know I'm making his future therapist rich, but I swear its the only way to get his interest.  It is taking him forever to learn these; especially when he would rather be jumping around like a caffeine induced monkey.  I have to remember, even though I want to know the future- all of C.'s challenges and experiences in kindergarten- we are on God’s time and that things will happen when they are suppose to happen (even if its sooooo hard to be patience).

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