Monday, July 11, 2011

It's all in the name......

Tonight the Sechrist family went to the grocery store, and I was happy because no one was hurt or broke anything.  As typical, certain products started to catch Connor's eye and he started to beg for these "must haves".  This started dad's job of 'no, no, no, put it back, no'.  Of course they place these products at perfect eye level of young children so they are able to snatch it up and torture parents.  It's a CONSPIRACY!  I'm PRETTY sure no adults are going to buy the following:
If this drink was the best tasting thing in the WORLD, I still couldn't bring myself to drink something called Chubby. "Hey Girl, what are you drinking?  Chubby. ummmm, should you be drinking that?" (I have a fear of that happening to me OK).   CHUBBY, really?  Are we not even hiding the fact that the food industry is helping aid in childhood obesity anymore?? (something also tells me this is probably exact to the drug 'speed' for kids)

Oh YUMMY.  Here Connor my sweet you want some animal cocoa droppings??  TASTY!  I can tell you I am NEVER picky about my chocolate..but even I can't eat little brown balls called Cocoa Drops!?!

As I was writing this blog, I got curious to see what the worst product names might be...and this is what I found (sue me...I like to crack  myself up, ok) these are the rated G:
This is for the cold from hell.

mmmmmmm.  pee cola.... refreshing!

I guess I would drink it if I were really, really really, really, thirsty.

Fart Juice!?! In a green bottle?

Weight Loss Supplement pronounced AIDS.

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