Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Brilliant!

We continue to review our letters and sounds at my house.  I take about five to ten minutes a day.  Right now I'm focused on letter identification only for lowercase.  I introduce a few at a time.
Imagine my excitement this week when Connor begged me to do the letters with him!  Really he brought the bag of letters to me!  Wait a minute, this little guy may really enjoy kindergarten.  The past few weeks he has really picked up on what I've been trying to show him all summer, so much so we have started with number identification too!  We watched PBS yesterday and he was able to call out many of the letters and he was proud of himself.  Hallelujah- it seems like we have been doing this forever.  One thing parenthood has taught me; you can NOT force a kid to do something they are not ready to do.  My dad would say I'm too "soft", but believe me knowing when to push and knowing when to hold is a difficult thing to do.

But enough about what Connor can do, what about me?  At the start of the summer I bought a cheap pack of lower/upper case letters with a matching phonetic picture on the back.  In my pack of letter cards, guess what was missing??  The letter 't'.  Instead the pack contained two letter 'i's.  So what did I do (because I'm too lazy to go back to the store)?  I got creative baby.  I turned the 'i' to the 't'.

Then I put a straw on the top of the 't' because C's favorite drink is sweet tea!
Flip over the back and what did I do?  HA- letter cards.  I turned the picture of the ink bottle (for i) into a sweet tea drink (for t). It's SOUTHERN sweet tea.  (I'm not sure why I made black bubbles off the side...I think I just invented carbonated sweet tea).  I think I also invented some kind of REDNECK version of Letterland.

I know, I know... you don't have to tell me...I'm not only BRILLIANT, I'm resourceful!



  1. It could be "Texas Tea" otherwise known as oil...

  2. haaaaa. Yes...Texas Tea..double the price and less filling. I obviously can not be that creative!