Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Farm Filled Day

Today was a fun day.
I've been really neglecting my blog, because my day zaps my energy.
After dinner, homework, bath... I. am. done. 
And I mean done.  I couldn't go check my mail for an extra 1000 bucks.
Tonight I have no voice.
Completely gone.  
I have to whisper everything.
No one in my house can hear me when I'm not being louder than they are, so I have the pleasure of documenting my day in silence.

Today we were all invited to a private farm!
We started off on a real hayride.
(I'm in the back with the camo hat.)

We had a great hayride!

Look at that sky.

God's Paintbrush

Homemade Pumpkin Patch
Mrs. LG laid out pumpkins before we came.

Everyone got to race out into the field, 
and pick out a beautiful round pumpkin for themselves!

We went inside a dark barn, and made a real scarecrow!
Mrs. N. was very good at making scarecrows.
She stuffed those pants and shirts and had a big time (my allergies had a big time, I tried to hold my breath)!

Perfect Scarecrow Pants

Alf!  Remember Alf?

Close Up Cows-
 but no Cow Bell
(SNL?  More Cow Bell! haaaa)

The scenery kept us engaged.

Hello Donkey!

Time to decorate these pumpkins.
I love this picture.
This is mom and child.  Mom is using hand over hand to help her child paint.
They did a great job!!!

The Mask

Clown Face




The decor was so fun!
All about Halloween.

Snack Time
(my love for doughnuts live)

Pin the nose on the pumpkin.

so close

Time for Dress Up

I had to go to the bathroom and I nearly had a heart attack.

Mrs. LG had a rubber hand in her toilet top!!!
When you have a classroom full of energetic and accident prone children..... 
you just don't do that to a woman.

Good Ole' Fashioned-
Bobbing for Apples

I was so excited because I haven't did this since I was a little girl.
For some girls, I held their hair and helped them find the apple.

When it was my turn, 
I dipped into the water for my apple and I felt a pair of sweet little hands, belonging to a kindergarten student, carefully rub my hair back.

No one asked her to, she just wanted to repay the favor.
My hair was already pulled back, but it certainly gave my heart a sweet twinge.
You know what I mean?

I just love wearing my sunglasses when its sunny outside.

Time for lunch, but watch out for the witches!

Special Lunch from Mrs. LG-
Pimento Cheese on homemade bread and Butternut Squash Soup

I took a picture of this little doll house church on the balcony.
It reminded me of the little white church I was married in.

Time for marshmallows over a fire pit.

A little boy made a special BURNT one for Mrs. E.  

Thanks for the Party Mrs. LG

I was feeling too much like a cowgirl, so I had my hair cut and styled afterward.
It's no fun going to the beauty shop if all you can do is whisper! :(
It's even less fun to have your hair done if all your going to do is get in your pjs and cook dinner.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Midlife Crisis Alert

Five Signs I’m in the Middle of a Midlife Crisis: 

1.  Shopping for Teens 
I am teaching the teens in Sunday School this year.
I've never taught this age group,
and it shows.
To prepare for my class I went shopping for these:

and then these:

and then these: 

All for young teens to write down all the wonderful things the Bible says!

I spend $35.00, 
and brought it all back home.

Did you know teens have these fancy things now-

it has all that stuff built inside!?! and they can check their social network when I bore them.

Back in the day we had to use one of these in the school cafeteria

in order to get mom to bring our books, pens, and highlighters we left at home.  We didn't want to flunk English!
I won’t even talk about content.  
I struggled talking to teenagers when I was a TEENAGER.
We won't go there now, but God has placed me, and I shall learn.

2.  Teen Idols
Back in my day the teen pop stars sang about 
being alone. 
with a boy.  
and it was outrageous!

Girls who did things like this-

would pretty much be arrested or at least labeled the weird girl who hides alcohol in her Mountain Dew bottle.

Who makes out with a wrecking ball?
Further, it just looks cold and uncomfortable.
Not practical at all.

3.  Rewind & FF
Speaking of music, my son asked me what this was last week-

Of course, my daughter will ask me what this is one day.

4.  %^&* YOU MAN!  
Whenever I watch an adult rated movie or drama alone, I want to do this to all of the main characters-

I mean I know Sons of Anarchy is about a motorcycle gang.  I know they need to be really tough, and bad, and intimidating, and all of that... buttttttt  

I'm ok with a good “gosh darn it” every once in a while.  Do we really need to use such language!?!  And Gentlemen, why must we blow each other’s head off right away?  Haven’t you ever heard of conflict- resolution?

5.  Are you ready for this?  I wasn't.

My school ID picture-

Yes, my stylist is Old Maid in case you want to book her.

It looks like I stepped out of a deck of Old Maid cards!!!

I am sooooo trashing that jacket and eating more lettuce and going blonde!
I already have my outfit planned out for next year.  
Leather.  All Leather.

Teacher Tessie Cool Teach
-TT Cool T
(the fact I just wrote that takes any cool away doesn't it?)

I have no choice!  In my midlife crisis I'm going for something shiny, red, and cool.

But not this because I'm a very broke Teacher Tessie.

I'm going for these beauties-

to wear anytime I want,

when I vacuum and pick up legos.
See, I'm "totally" young and cool.