Tuesday, February 24, 2015

No Crazy Like Snow Crazy


I think we all have a case of the Snow Crazies!
For example, 

Crazy Case #1:

Darren decided to save 12 dollars and cut his own hair.
Unfortunately the (cheap) razor shaved at level 1 when it showed a level 3.  We had a big laugh!

Like I say, no price is too big for good hair.

D. had to go out in the snow to get new SUMMER hair.  The only thing he is saving is shampoo.
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Crazy Case #2:

Someone needed to go for swim....

I think she made 12 miles in the swimming pool and on my bathroom floor.

Crazy Case #3:

C. risked the snow to go get some more ORANGE track with his dad today.

Now no one can walk around the house.
Let's Go Racing Boys

Crazy Case #4:
I have been doing paperwork and watching MTV alllllll day.  
I haven't watched MTV in years.

I found my inner teen and am now addicted to Eye Candy.  I happened upon it when I couldn't sleep last night, and I found all the episodes are on Demand today.

It's based on a book by RL Stine.  (I use to love to read those books when I was young.)  

I probably would have gotten a lot more paperwork done had I caught up on Downton Abbey.

Hope you all are staying more sane!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Crap, it's Snowing

If there is one thing I highly dislike, it is going to school when the air smells like Spring.  The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the kids would rather be playing outside than segmenting blends indoors with me.  
The only thing worse is school in June!

We were so close to avoiding the cold stuff and avoiding make up days, but then a lovely cold front grabbed us with icy fingers! Connor received those magical words he prayed for "there will be no school today due to snow".

Me, I would much rather snuggle under the blankets while watching the Real Housewives Marathon and reading my kindle. I heart warmth! 

The kids are not really into activities where they have to sit.
They better be glad they are cute!  

I placed layers of clothing on everyone while dreaming of retirement in the burning heat of Florida summer.  This is where my dentures and I will just read and sleep all day.

I wandered what Carlee would do because last year didn't go very well.


This year, was much better for her.  She really wanted to play in the snow but she is 100% Princess.  

She was so dainty as she slowly stepped across each layer of snow.  She gave the Buddy Love killer looks when he threatened to dust her with a heap of the white stuff.

Connor.... not so dainty, but I didn't have to worry about him crying over getting wet, or dirty, or hurt.  There are benefits to having a wild and carefree child.

Darren might have to take another snow day off, snow that directly impacted his ligaments and joints from all the moving he was doing outside.  I was impressed.

I guess once I was outside I began to enjoy and we had a pretty awesome time!  
Besides, they are cute.

Now for the hot chocolate and my computer.     

Thanks for the fancy hot chocolate Mrs. E.

Happy Snow Day.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Another Celebrity Encounter

As you know, I'm gathering quite the collection of awkward famous photos.  
Remember my post:

Recently I had ANOTHER celebrity encounter.

This guy game to our classroom after awarding our program some super duper grant $$$.

 It was too cool!

I've made a few observations about standing beside the one and only Ronald McDonald.

#1:  Don't laugh like this.
#2:  Don't wear lipstick the same shade as Ronald (especially if your taking a picture together).
#3:  Don't ever. ever. ever. spray your hair into a  helmet style.
#4: Don't wear blue eyeshadow (even if it shows school spirit).  
#5:  Don't stand quite so close to Ronald.
#6:  Use less blusher.
#7:  Use a better background.
#8: Use less red tint in the hair dye.
#9:  Don't stand like that.
#10:  Stop eating at McDonalds so much.

It was great fun for my students.
PLEASE support Ronald McDonald Charities.
They are simply awesome.

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is...

My Boys

My Babies

Ice Cream



Princess Cookies

Movie and a Coke

Monster Truck Valentines

Hello Kitty Valentines
(and we still wear a bathing suit every night)

Sunshine and Hotdogs

Wearing a Too Small Dress and Flip Flops 
to a Winter Party

Happy Valentine's Day