Monday, February 20, 2012

Connor Quotes

Me:  Do you think I look like JLo? 
C:  I think you look like a mom.
C: I can't believe something as fiction as the Polar Express movie becomes real on Christmas like when the reindeer land on our roof.
C:  Dad I need a piece of paper really, really bad. Dadddd Please, it’s important, I need paper now.  Dad:  It’s almost bedtime, what for?  C:  I need to draw my Ninja Instructor. 

Me:  Why are you crying?
C:  Because the kids at school are singing my song wrong.
Me:  What song?
C:  They say Apple Bottom Jeans, Jeans, Jeans, Boots With the Fur, Fur, Fur,  the whole word is looking at her, her.... and you aren’t suppose to say it like that.

You say- Ollie Leaves Festival for Autumn Leaves Festival, the whale Squirts instead of Blows water, and Feardey Factor for Fear Factor.
*******************************************************C: I don’t want to grow up because all the things I want to do is too dangerous, like being a cowboy that shoots and a snake catcher.
Me:  You could be a teacher?
C:  I don’t have long hair.
C:  Mom what happened to Doc Hudson (in Cars II)?
Mom:  well he died.  He went to heaven.
C: why did he have to die?
Mom: well when cars get old they die…they have to go to the big car garage in heaven…they run out of gas….
C: why don’t you just tell me Doc Hudson went on vacation.
Mom: Doc Hudson went on vacation.
C: Ok, good.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Main Staples for the Pregnant Woman (with stinky feet)

I’m going to the doctor weekly now.  Basically, I go in…they check my blood pressure, weight, urine sample, measure my belly, I hold my breath hoping they say I have to put my feet up for 48 hours so I will have an excuse to be lazy, but they just say ‘your healthy as a horse, see you next week’ and I’m on my merry way.  (I really AM happy I'm as healthy as a horse.)
However, this past doctor visit was a little different.  I unexpectedly had to have a more intrusive exam, one where you have to remove everything from the waist down…etc.   This may not seem so bad, except for a few issues.
1.     My feet are RANK.  My favorite shoe wear is the generic Ugg type boots that don’t require socks, and my swollen feet kind of get stuck in there and sweat and the black fuzz sticks to my feet and ….OK YOU GET THE PICTURE.  Let’s just say I took them off once in class and my students begged me to get rid of the funky smell.
2.    DANG JUDY….has it been that long since I shaved my legs? 
3.    I was really planning to cut my toe nails this weekend…it’s something that resembles exercise at this stage and I kind of avoid it.
I carefully remove my shoes in the tiny bathroom….and YOWZA it was worse than I thought.  The smell combined with my black fuzz toes and hairy legs…it was just embarrassing people.  Oh man, I can’t go out there.  I tried to wash my feet in the sink.  Did you know a pregnant woman can’t put her feet in the sink?  It’s impossible (and I had the red face to prove it).  I pulled MORE paper towels down and tried to scrub my feet.  At this point, the trashcan is filling up with all the paper towels.  What now?  Think.  What would Angus MacGyver do??  I got my pocket book.  I searched through it.  The only thing I could find was my pint size Vampire Blood Germ X.   

It smells good.  My plan:  Drown my feet in the smell of Germ X. (is the nurse thinking I’m an alcoholic worse than having stinky feet?)   I drenched my feet in Germ X anyway.  Then I hear the nurse call ‘everything all right in there?’  I have no choice; I have to go out there.  I cut the water off, and clean the bathroom.  At this point, I’m pretty tired.  When I exit the bathroom, I explain that I truly am sorry for the smell of my feet, hairy legs, and long toe nails.  The nurse looks at me as if I’m #1 NUTS, and tells me to get up on the table NOW (but I don’t think it was my imagination that she wrinkled her nose).
The moral of the story is there are certain staples a pregnant woman needs in the last trimester. Starting with toenail clippers, lotion, and possibly a razor.
When I was pregnant with Connor, dressing for the last term was a little easier because it was summer and I was out for summer vacation.  Flip-flops, summer dresses, Capri pants, and a long shirt worked pretty good.  Dressing for work in the winter when you are this size….
can be pretty tricky.  Allow me to share a few more staples of the extra largey, large woman who wants to look as professional as a woman can who swallowed a watermelon.  Ladies some must haves on a BUDGET....
1.    Black Pants that GROW with you (not the trendy kind)
2.    One NICE Black Maternity Dress that you can wear to the end
3.    Navy Pants that Grow with you
4.    Slip on SHOES (1/2 size larger)
5.    A Few Flowy Tops with COLOR
6.    Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

So take my advice and you will be as GOOD AS GOLD!
(and for the Love of Pete, don't forget the Germ X!!!)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2 Rooms Down...One Baby On the Way

Carlee’s Room

Connor’s Room

I think we (and BIG BROTHER) are ready for little Carlee, but of course none of us would be ready if it wasn’t for some help, most of all from The DAD.  It’s not easy being a husband to a busy pregnant wife and the father to a hyperactive six year old. 
Things I should appreciate but don’t always verbalize:
-going to work everyday
-painting all the rooms (you’re a really good painter)
-ordering and putting together furniture for Carlee’s room, Connor’s room, and picking out the furniture for our living room (I STILL can’t believe I let you do that…but it looks great.)
-having a new carpet and new kitchen floor put into our house
-volunteering for Awanas to show Connor that men DO work in the church
-getting Connor up and ready for school every morning
-listening to all my TMI moments, such as ‘I think I peed my pants, again’, etc.
-buying a bean bag, extra pillows, and even a seat cushion to try to help me sleep (even though nothing works).
-loading the car with all my morning and church stuff
-attending Connor’s school conferences
-Sunday Night Ice Cream Runs!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sugar and Spice

Someone once told me that “A Son is a Son until he takes a Wife and a Daughter is a Daughter the rest of her Life! “ While I can tell you straight away, Connor will always be my little, precious, bouncing boy…I pray that there will be a time when he finds his own Blessed place, a true love, and an independent life.  While I hope the same for a daughter, I imagine a daughter reaches out to the other woman who understands her most.  A woman who understands life’s issues from a women’s perspective…dating, career, marriage, and glitter high heels!  These thoughts both scare and thrill me. One personal topic that is too difficult for even me to tackle on my blog is the turbulent relationship between my own mother and me.   I don’t have the experiences, and I have mourned the loss of them.  I struggle with insecurities all the time, and now I will have double the responsibility!  
This week I have been reminded of the words ‘God takes care of all things’ and that includes our insecurities.  Darren and I had purchased NOTHING besides the furniture.  Then we were given two beautiful and lovely showers…and Wahlah*…we now have an array of wonderful things that we desperately needed.  The message I learned once again (time and time again) is that God puts great people in your life, and there isn’t anything wrong with relying and accepting help.  Sometimes we just need to put those insecurities to rest and enjoy the Blessing that is family, friends, big brother, and a NEW BABY GIRL!
I just adored my baby showers, they were both so special to me.  My first one for Carlee was given by Sue and Jessica and included all my family and friends at my church.  Let’s face it…I have been living with 'Snaps and snails, and puppy-dogs tails' for 6 ½ years, sooo I really got into the 'sugar and spice and everything nice' (ignoring the fact here that I personally was born with 90% spice and 10% sugar).
sweet pea cake my step mom bought for us

table setting by Jessica

Party Favors

Sue got me this lamp, it is so feminine and pretty

people are here :)

Present Time!!

I love the "hairbow" hanging line 

so many people made the food so great


pink and green punch, matched the decor

clearly enjoying this part!

Big Brother is Ready

the children playing with Big Brother Toys
The second one for Carlee was given by the special area and exceptional needs team at my school.  Everyone was so giving and excited for me.  It was a really fun thing to do after a long day at work! (Well it was probably more fun for me).
this cake was sooo good, yummy.  Hope the doc doesn't give me a sugar test this week.

This was my favorite.  Each grade level was given ONE, PLAIN white onesie and had to decorate it.  Look what they did.  ADORABLE!

my favorite project- teachers are so darn creative

staff getting ready to SNACK

My TA (and adopted, young mother Ms. E.)

I love this part.

Look at all those gifts (and we all know teacher's are on a budget thanks to MORE BUDGET CUTS, but they still give and give).

I confess…I sneak into Carlee’s room and just run my hands all over the little pink bows, blankets, dresses, the little diapers, and onesies.  Little things are just so gosh darn SWEET.



Thanks to the kindness of those we love, it looks like Carlee is on her way to getting what she needs and a little bit, of what she wants!  I can’t wait to post pictures of Connor and Carlee’s new room, but I’m waiting for Carlee’s wooden letters to come in.  I will have to pick a day to take pictures BEFORE Carlee is born and a day when Connor is not home.  We know that a child’s room is complete when they are in it, but IT’S most CLEAN when they aren’t.