Sunday, February 12, 2012

2 Rooms Down...One Baby On the Way

Carlee’s Room

Connor’s Room

I think we (and BIG BROTHER) are ready for little Carlee, but of course none of us would be ready if it wasn’t for some help, most of all from The DAD.  It’s not easy being a husband to a busy pregnant wife and the father to a hyperactive six year old. 
Things I should appreciate but don’t always verbalize:
-going to work everyday
-painting all the rooms (you’re a really good painter)
-ordering and putting together furniture for Carlee’s room, Connor’s room, and picking out the furniture for our living room (I STILL can’t believe I let you do that…but it looks great.)
-having a new carpet and new kitchen floor put into our house
-volunteering for Awanas to show Connor that men DO work in the church
-getting Connor up and ready for school every morning
-listening to all my TMI moments, such as ‘I think I peed my pants, again’, etc.
-buying a bean bag, extra pillows, and even a seat cushion to try to help me sleep (even though nothing works).
-loading the car with all my morning and church stuff
-attending Connor’s school conferences
-Sunday Night Ice Cream Runs!


  1. I love both their rooms, but being a girl, I so love Carlee's room, the owls are so cute, and the tree, I would have never thought of that! Looks so cute, and peaceful! I'm so glad Darren is helping like he is, some dad's drop the ball on those things.

  2. Thanks Joan...decorating for a little girl is too much fun! and don't worry every time Darren tried to drop the ball I would throw it back at him so he wouldn't forget! :)