Monday, February 20, 2012

Connor Quotes

Me:  Do you think I look like JLo? 
C:  I think you look like a mom.
C: I can't believe something as fiction as the Polar Express movie becomes real on Christmas like when the reindeer land on our roof.
C:  Dad I need a piece of paper really, really bad. Dadddd Please, it’s important, I need paper now.  Dad:  It’s almost bedtime, what for?  C:  I need to draw my Ninja Instructor. 

Me:  Why are you crying?
C:  Because the kids at school are singing my song wrong.
Me:  What song?
C:  They say Apple Bottom Jeans, Jeans, Jeans, Boots With the Fur, Fur, Fur,  the whole word is looking at her, her.... and you aren’t suppose to say it like that.

You say- Ollie Leaves Festival for Autumn Leaves Festival, the whale Squirts instead of Blows water, and Feardey Factor for Fear Factor.
*******************************************************C: I don’t want to grow up because all the things I want to do is too dangerous, like being a cowboy that shoots and a snake catcher.
Me:  You could be a teacher?
C:  I don’t have long hair.
C:  Mom what happened to Doc Hudson (in Cars II)?
Mom:  well he died.  He went to heaven.
C: why did he have to die?
Mom: well when cars get old they die…they have to go to the big car garage in heaven…they run out of gas….
C: why don’t you just tell me Doc Hudson went on vacation.
Mom: Doc Hudson went on vacation.
C: Ok, good.

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