Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sugar and Spice

Someone once told me that “A Son is a Son until he takes a Wife and a Daughter is a Daughter the rest of her Life! “ While I can tell you straight away, Connor will always be my little, precious, bouncing boy…I pray that there will be a time when he finds his own Blessed place, a true love, and an independent life.  While I hope the same for a daughter, I imagine a daughter reaches out to the other woman who understands her most.  A woman who understands life’s issues from a women’s perspective…dating, career, marriage, and glitter high heels!  These thoughts both scare and thrill me. One personal topic that is too difficult for even me to tackle on my blog is the turbulent relationship between my own mother and me.   I don’t have the experiences, and I have mourned the loss of them.  I struggle with insecurities all the time, and now I will have double the responsibility!  
This week I have been reminded of the words ‘God takes care of all things’ and that includes our insecurities.  Darren and I had purchased NOTHING besides the furniture.  Then we were given two beautiful and lovely showers…and Wahlah*…we now have an array of wonderful things that we desperately needed.  The message I learned once again (time and time again) is that God puts great people in your life, and there isn’t anything wrong with relying and accepting help.  Sometimes we just need to put those insecurities to rest and enjoy the Blessing that is family, friends, big brother, and a NEW BABY GIRL!
I just adored my baby showers, they were both so special to me.  My first one for Carlee was given by Sue and Jessica and included all my family and friends at my church.  Let’s face it…I have been living with 'Snaps and snails, and puppy-dogs tails' for 6 ½ years, sooo I really got into the 'sugar and spice and everything nice' (ignoring the fact here that I personally was born with 90% spice and 10% sugar).
sweet pea cake my step mom bought for us

table setting by Jessica

Party Favors

Sue got me this lamp, it is so feminine and pretty

people are here :)

Present Time!!

I love the "hairbow" hanging line 

so many people made the food so great


pink and green punch, matched the decor

clearly enjoying this part!

Big Brother is Ready

the children playing with Big Brother Toys
The second one for Carlee was given by the special area and exceptional needs team at my school.  Everyone was so giving and excited for me.  It was a really fun thing to do after a long day at work! (Well it was probably more fun for me).
this cake was sooo good, yummy.  Hope the doc doesn't give me a sugar test this week.

This was my favorite.  Each grade level was given ONE, PLAIN white onesie and had to decorate it.  Look what they did.  ADORABLE!

my favorite project- teachers are so darn creative

staff getting ready to SNACK

My TA (and adopted, young mother Ms. E.)

I love this part.

Look at all those gifts (and we all know teacher's are on a budget thanks to MORE BUDGET CUTS, but they still give and give).

I confess…I sneak into Carlee’s room and just run my hands all over the little pink bows, blankets, dresses, the little diapers, and onesies.  Little things are just so gosh darn SWEET.



Thanks to the kindness of those we love, it looks like Carlee is on her way to getting what she needs and a little bit, of what she wants!  I can’t wait to post pictures of Connor and Carlee’s new room, but I’m waiting for Carlee’s wooden letters to come in.  I will have to pick a day to take pictures BEFORE Carlee is born and a day when Connor is not home.  We know that a child’s room is complete when they are in it, but IT’S most CLEAN when they aren’t.


  1. God takes care of everything, and I am so glad to have you in my life! We were so happy to be able to have a shower for you & it did turn out wonderful. It looks like your school shower was amazing too! You deserve every bit of it - you are such a good person & a great Mom. Carlee and Connor are very lucky to have you as a Mother!

  2. Congratulations and you look stunning!

  3. I'm so glad everything went so great. I still hate I couldn't come, but I haven't forgotten you. Everything is going great, now just sit back and relax a little woman! love you