Sunday, January 22, 2012

3 Bad (but Entertaining) Ideas for the Weekend

I think my pregnancy energy is finally running out.  I was so tired this week and weekend, but I have a newborn child sharing my body, so I think it makes sense.  I just hope Carlee is OK with a Dr. Pepper and candy bar coming her way occasionally.  The Carlee count down has begun.  I’m excited, I’m scared, I’m excited, I’m scared…..there is so much to worry about and think about and do…my mind goes between I’m ready, I AM NOT ready.  I worked nonstop last week on school work, so I was able to rest a little more these past few days.   I did have a few adventures this weekend, but PLEASE don’t try this at home.
1.      Making Chocolates for Carlee’s Baby Shower
My friend J. and I had the perfect idea for Party Favors- easy to make chocolate candies.  You just purchase the 'melt in the microwave' chocolate, the squirt bottles, and the plastic trays and WHALA!  You pop out the candy for little party favors.  We eagerly bought .99 trays with butterflies, caterpillars, and flowers to go along with the “Growing Garden” theme.  We chattered about how we might start our own party favor business one day.  We were brilliant!  
Saturday morning I think I anticipated taking maybe an hour and a half.  BAD IDEA.  Fast forward, several hours later, melted trays, chocolate candy everywhere, and a total of two molds set.  10 down and 140 more to go!  My kitchen looked like we were making a 7 course meal and all we were using was the microwave.  What were we thinking?? The chocolate was clumpy, lumpy, and it was taking a year to squirt out one flower.  J. told me chocolate making takes  1. TIME  and 2. PATIENCE . WHAT!?!  Those are the two things I am the WORST at.  There was no way I could do this.  We agreed to go to the local WALMART and throw down a 20 on some pink Valentine’s Day candy and baby shower mints.  Guess what??  It turned out really pretty!  Connor even got in on the action.  I think it took us 30 minutes to create 75 party favor bags.  That is my kind of time.  We are just so thankful it wasn’t a different holiday like Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day (because don’t think for a minute I wouldn’t have thrown in some orange,licorice pumpkins or green, marshmallow Leprechauns in those baby shower bags).

2.      Hair Mousse the Gray Away
I got my hair done, or as the young folks say ‘Got my hair did’, Friday afternoon.  It looked so much better but all I could focus on was the GRAY!  No, I am NOT exaggerating.  My vanity completely took over.  LOOK at ALLL that Gray I whined.  The hairdresser agreed I was much too young to have all that gray hair.  Note….if you are a hairdresser don’t agree with me, jeez, the next thing you will be telling me I need to lose a few pounds.  Anyway, she suggested a non-permanent, EASY, Hair Foam/Mousse that you can purchase at the beauty shop that is much healthier for pregnant women and covers gray.  I tried it about an hour before I was to join the sunday school class women for a fun night out to dinner.  BAD IDEA.  (Below is a picture of what I looked like.)  The thick, EASY, mousse turned into a runny, messy, sloppy black mess that stained my floor, my hands, and my forehead.  It also left my hair feeling like a Brillo Pad.  I rubbed my skin off with a wash cloth and 409 cleaner (it’s the only thing I had) and put my hair in a clip, but my skin was two-tone for a while. (I probably should have just stuck with my regular hair dye routine).
This isn't me, but a reenactment pic.
3.     Building a Bridge (but forgetting how it works)
I had children’s church today.  Simple  idea I had was to make a bridge with a piece of paper.  Therefore, I bended, folded, and shaped it to hold up a match box car.  We have to allow God to bend, mold, and shape us.  It worked perfect last night.  This morning, in church, this is what it kept doing.    BAD IDEA or BAD execution.
Whyyyyy won’t it hold up the car?  The kids were  on to me….what the crap are you doing!?! Let’s just say, I forgot a small part…turn the paper in a different direction.  I mean how am I supposed to remember all these complex details? Turn the paper.
I tried to redeem my self later, but I’m not sure I did.  It’s OK, I poured them all a red soda drink after the story. (see my white shirt, another great idea).

Yes, all of the above were very BAD ideas, but you don’t know they are bad until you try them.  I can honestly say, I wouldn’t have it any other way because all three situations were really funny and life is too short to get it right all the time (perfect people are so totally boring).


  1. Time & patience - I should have known from the start that this would be really hard for us! Hey, at least it made for a funny blog entry and a good time - as long as we are having fun, it's okay! I actually went home and looked up candy-making tips, for some reason, because I'll never try it again, and one of the tips was never make candy using a mold - go for free-form candies b/c you will make less mistakes. Oh well! You are right though, they did turn out really nice, better than they would have been with brown chocolate. I laughed so hard reading this!

  2. Amanda~ You are hilarious!! Next time use a spoon and melt the chocolate in a pampered chef bowl. Those little bottles are a pain in the neck! :-)

  3. Jessica, I had fun and it was funny but I couldn't imagine us "freestyling" the chocolate. I can tell you all my designs would be a cirlce.
    Pattie, Thanks for the tips. I don't actually own a pampered chef bowl, but if I ever lose my mind I will buy one and start again!