Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year 2012

It’s 2012!  Happy New Year Everyone!!
For me 2011 brought…..
-C. starting kindergarten
-me entering my 10th year as a teacher
-celebrating nine years of marriage
-finding out we were +1 more in the S. family
-starting this blog
I think it has been a great year, and I continue to be inspired by so many around me that have dealt with sickness, financial strain, and loss; but they continue to be resilient and profess their joy and faith daily!

I am most definitely a goal setter. So this year my New Year’s Resolutions include:
1.  Eat Healthier (I never quite achieve this one…the effort it takes to make good choices takes time and energy that I can never accomplish, see goal #2)
2. Understand Limitations.  I always agree to take on what I view as small responsibilities that add up to large amounts of stress.  I always go above and beyond on projects instead of creating balance for myself.
3.Devote more time in scripture/ prayer weekly.  Less media time.
4.      Quit saying Bad Words. (ok before you think I’m Howard Stern, I just tend to use a few words when EXTREMELY frustrated and alone, but my goal is to substitute…maybe I can sing when I am extremely frustrated.  Also, bad words at our house include stupid, shut up, etc.  Besides its amazing how Connor seems to hear me two rooms away when he can otherwise never hear me).
It always looks so nice in a list, but with 2012 bringing so many changes for me (not to mention the Mayans may take over the world with the Scientologist or something) my list of Resolutions may change especially number 4 (I am just kidding, for you nonjokers).  Which brings me to my FINAL resolution…
5.Stop trying to control the situation and ‘cast my cares to the Lord’ (Psalm 55)
So those are my 5 resolutions that show that I am perfectly imperfect (as if you didn't know).  Would love to hear your resolutions for 2012…if you dare.


  1. There's are great ones Amanda. A big one for me too is more scripture reading and prayer time. True joy can be found in that, if only I would do it. I will turn 43 Tuesday and am still fat. I disgust myself, yet I seem to do nothing about it? I used to desire to be skinny, now, just not so "stupidly fat" haha. Love you so much!

  2. Thanks Joan for sharing! You are and have always been beautiful. You and I are sensitive souls and we have used food as a source of emotional comfort for a long time and we need more support to break the habit!! I don't know how or when but it will happen for us and then we can write a book called NO MORE STUPIDLY FAT LIVING. ha. ha.