Saturday, February 14, 2015

Another Celebrity Encounter

As you know, I'm gathering quite the collection of awkward famous photos.  
Remember my post:

Recently I had ANOTHER celebrity encounter.

This guy game to our classroom after awarding our program some super duper grant $$$.

 It was too cool!

I've made a few observations about standing beside the one and only Ronald McDonald.

#1:  Don't laugh like this.
#2:  Don't wear lipstick the same shade as Ronald (especially if your taking a picture together).
#3:  Don't ever. ever. ever. spray your hair into a  helmet style.
#4: Don't wear blue eyeshadow (even if it shows school spirit).  
#5:  Don't stand quite so close to Ronald.
#6:  Use less blusher.
#7:  Use a better background.
#8: Use less red tint in the hair dye.
#9:  Don't stand like that.
#10:  Stop eating at McDonalds so much.

It was great fun for my students.
PLEASE support Ronald McDonald Charities.
They are simply awesome.

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