Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Aniversary

This week is my Anniversary! Speaking of marriage....I really think this is what some people think marriage is all about:

Which may explain the divorce rate in this nation.  (Speaking of this book cover- the woman has all that material in her dress and she didn't have enough to cover her "heaving" chest!  What about the mustache and mullet on that dude?? Doesn't it just scream ex-CON.  Listen to me ladies- Never trust a man in that outfit.  Especially with a mullet and that outfit! haaaaaa.) Sorry. Back to the Subject.
Real people know marriage is work, commitment, and it doesn’t always mean making out on a tree like the above people (you know what I mean).  True Marriage is about love, sharing dreams, and mainly figuring out life together, as clueless as you may be.  

With God and each other- Darren and I have built a home and family.  I think we are Blessed!  Looking back I think I had the sweetest Cinderella themed wedding eight years ago.  It was small but very special to me.

Marriage has taught me that a true Prince Charming doesn’t just place the shoe and rescue the princess (as if).  A true Prince Charming makes you laugh when your so angry you are about to karate chop your "prince" in the head, he shares a large order of fries because your checkbook doesn’t allow for a steak dinner, is a good son to his mother, plays World Wrestling with his son so you can finish the last chapter in that great book, he says your pretty even if you gained fifty plus pounds, tells you how talented you are when you have reached a milestone, and unloads the dishwasher when you bring in three bags of work from home! 

And most important you still look great in a pair of jeans, but don't get a big head please.

Happy Anniversary PAL!


  1. Hope you had wonderful anniversary!

    I knew it was the real thing with Don when I was hospitalized and he changed my bed pan. Now that's true love! :)

  2. You got that right...people don't understand Real love is for better or for worse. Lucky for us most times are better! :)