Monday, January 21, 2013

Those Meddling Kids

Today was a wonderful day.
And it had nothing to do with the President.
I'm sorry Mr. President I could not attend your inauguration because I had a very important previous appointment.

It started with lots of research for solving mysteries.

I got ready for a night on the town.  I put on my high heel shoes and pink lipstick for better detective work!

This evening required very special socks!

We hit the road in our very own mystery van (ours has a stroller in the back).

I selfishly enjoyed having this fellow to myself.

My date looked sharp- Am I right?

We soon joined Scooby Doo and the gang to solve the Case of the Haunted Coliseum!

Darren told me not to go crazy.....
But everyone needs cotton candy and

Scooby Doo in an Airplane for the same price you could purchase a small car for, right?
After all I'm no cheap date and look at that smile.

The musical was really fun and funny!
I loved it when Scooby and Scrappy rapped about Scooby snacks.

Every time we saw a ghost, we had to scream "Ghost! Ghost!"
(that was Connor's favorite part)

The girl who played Daphne did such a great job.  She was so prissy, just like the cartoon.
I always wanted to look like Daphne, 

but of course I will always have a special place in my heart for Velma because....

I WAS Velma.  I AM Velma.

In this picture I'm trying to solve the case of the missing fashion clue (as in really, get a clue).

My middle school graduation picture.

Afterwards we hit Krispy Kreme.

While we waited, I ran over a curve and we got stuck.  We sat at very un-level heights for ten minutes until the other cars moved on....

It was worth it.
We couldn't forget Daddy and Carlee.

To make our calorie count really high, 
we ate a very high class dinner.

Of course, it was Senior Citizen Blue Grass Night.
Live Music.
Lucky Us.
Do you want to know what Senior Citizens in the South think of our President?
They will tell you even if you say...ummm I'm just here for the fries.

I sure did have a wonderful day solving mysteries with my handsome fellow and

 those meddling kids.

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