Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Weekend with Esther

I've had a wild weekend.  I've spent most of it with this woman...
Esther of the Bible

well at least reading about her.  I confess that there are many parts of the Old Testament that I'm not familiar.  I usually stick with the good ole' New Testament because it is easier for me.  
After reading the children's version for children's church of Esther... I was completely intrigued.   
Let me just debunk this attitude that women of God are meek creatures who have no voice and hide behind our manly men who must speak on our behalf.  I mean, really?  If that was the case I hardly think that a mere woman would have eaten that apple.   If the truth be told Adam wanted that apple just as bad, but it was Eve who had the determination and strong will to go after the fruit of knowledge.  (Let that be an example that determination and strong will can go south quickly if your going at it without God.)    But back to Esther...
Esther showed a different kind of strong will.  
cliff notes:  This king was a total jerk who banished his former wife because she refused to come out and show her beauty to a drunk crowd (she apparently had a strong voice also).  The king immediately worried other women would start expressing their feelings, and he sent a royal decree that men were the ruler of the household.  Then the jerk of a king had all the pretty virgins sent for over a year to pick another wife.  Obviously there was something about Esther that made him do a double take because Esther- a simple, God fearing, Jewish orphan- became a Queen!
When Esther learned that Haman was about to murder all the Jewish people (her people) she used her brains, bravery, and faith.  She risked her life by surprising the king (who didn't take to outspoken women).  She also carefully devised two banquets so that she could woo him with her personality.  She eventually turned the king into a nice jerk.
The bottom line is she was the hero (well really God but He used her, you get it).  
I'm telling you that you have to read it.

I even watched the movie "One Night with the King" while Carlee napped today.

I believe they strayed from the Bible a touch.  
But I'm not complaining if the king wants to stay shirtless the WHOLE movie or anything.  

AND wears more makeup than me.  

AND, I really didn't get the role of the king's bodyguard....

Probably because Connor loves the movie No Hold Barred where the bodyguard played Zeus.  

Trust me when I say the Bible version is better.

If I'm feeling wild and want the sinful version....
I know where I can found Joan Collins....
 and she NEVER disappoints. 
Oh King, let us worship...

Was that really the biblical dress code?  

I shared the story (the biblical, children's version...not Joan Collins), and we celebrated by having a Purim Festival.  It was a lot of fun!

ring toss going array

This girl is going to the Olympics!
I'm her coach.

Connor used his ribbon twirling to be a bull.  boys.

We are rich.
See how great a love the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called children of God; and such we are. For this reason the world does not know us, because it did not know Him.
 -1 John 3:1

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