Friday, January 18, 2013

Family Quotes


Darren- I’m going to get an ‘Im the only person not on Facebook'  Facebook page.

In the south-
Its not Tomato its Tomater.

Its not Santa Clause its Sanny Clause.

Darren- How is that glucose [no gluten] diet going?
Me-  I'm not doing it.  I was too hungry on it.
Darren-  A diet that makes you hungry, crazy.

Darren-  [getting Carlee to bed]....I'm going to give a little test.  I’m laying Carlee down and if she cries you have to pick her up and if she doesn’t you don't have to pick her up.
Me- I already took a test when I gave birth, its your turn.

Darren-  On a scale of 8 to 10 how good do I look in this picture?

Darren- Carlee your eight months old now, act like it.

Me- [cable went out again]  
What if our cable and Internet go out at the same time? We will have to do crazy things like talk to each other.
Darren- We will have no choice but to go to a hotel that has tv and internet.


Connor:  I don’t want to grow old and die. 
Me:  Your not going to die.
Connor: I’m really worried about a squiggly beard and a bald head.  Carlee you don’t want a squiggly beard and a bald head either, do you?

Connor: Why did God give me a butt? 
I wish I didn’t have a butt.
[in response to getting a spanking]

Connor:  Carlee is finally turning into a human- eating and crawling and everything!

Connor- A boy at school told me I was a little baby.
Me- What did you say back?
Connor-  I told him I was a baby because all the high school GIRLS call me Baby because they think I'm hot.

Connor:  At school we watched an old movie where black people and white people could not talk to each other or go to the same school.  
That is so sad.
I bet back then in the old days black people were not allowed to watch Days of Our Lives.
That is just so sad.

[You decided you wanted your front teeth back, so you said you would use gum until they came in.]
your new teeth and new look in apple photo booth


You crawl at the speed of lightning.

You can climb from the bottom to the top of the stairs.

You like to give us things (over and over).

You like to dance and boogie to your DJ table.

You 'Cookie Monster'.

Your hair is growing up instead of out.

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