Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Female Motto and Week in Review

I've been up since 5am.  Carlee has a cold.  Connor woke up shortly after wanting to eat every 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, I've been lesson planning, meal planning, church planning, laundry planning, house cleaning planning, Pinewood Derby Car planning...
I'm not a spontaneous person.  I like planning.
And my kids were driving me nuts during my planning.
They don't understand I planned for them to be quiet for a few.
Carlee fell off the couch screaming (she was fine).
Connor got a (light) spanking (on the butt) for sassing me, and at the same moment his nose started to bleed (dry air causes nosebleeds for him).
"Mom you punched me, you punched me!" he screamed.
"I didn't punch you! I spanked you! and if you give one more over dramatic retelling of the truth again your getting another spanking!!!"
By 9am I was so frazzled I had a slice of pound cake for breakfast while Darren got ready for work.
This week 'we the teachers' were in the lounge talking about our own children.  One expressed how she is already dreading the time that she will send her son off to college in the fall.  Another told us of how quiet it is now that her children have grown and started their own families.
It sounded almost crazy to me.  Let me get this right, you don't like the quiet?  The precious day that I get my children to college will mean a lot.  It will mean that they have learned to read, they are independent,  they didn't abuse drugs or cave to other hurtful peer pressure, they didn't hurt themselves pretending to be Superman, they tackled goals, they worked hard, they continued higher education, they are lifelong learners, they are potty trained....the list goes on.
To me it would be a time when you could get caught up and not have to plan so much.
But then I started thinking about all the little things that I really forget to appreciate:
-Listening to the the kids play while I fold laundry.  Their sweet voices and laughter.
-Having them both young enough to climb on my lap for a hug and a kiss every hour.
-Taking time to play Batman.  I was so into the play I called the Joker a BIG Jerkhole! (gotta' watch the language but the Joker is soooo mean)
-Having Carlee fall asleep while eating.  Watching her angelic face.
-Sweet baby raspberries
-Having my children's undivided attention.  No pressing need to call friends, drive off, go to a party, staying in their cave room listening to music....just here with me.
-Excitement over Saturday morning cartoons
-Tacos at lunch with talk of what girls are being chased on the playground, who got stickers for good work on the spelling test, and about airplanes I've never heard.
-The smell of baby lotion
-Small cars and babydolls

The day got a lot better and I realized that I would miss this terribly if it were to stop.  It so unfair to women.  Once we finally get use to serving, teaching, overcoming exhaustion, and putting ourselves last...(if lucky) the kids just up and move on and begin their lives.   
I have a New Female Motto-
 don't get comfortable.  The second you do, you have to relearn life again.... toss back a glass of wine if needed, say a prayer for dear life, and appreciate every moment you have with family.

Our Week in Review:

I'm A-ok!

I heart lists

Delivery straight from England.
My (skinny) sister sent us bags and bags of chocolate!
thanks.  :)
I will have to hold getting healthy.
I've waited like 7 years, I guess I can wait a few more days.

THE sweetest cards from our nephews from England.

part monkey

surprise visit from uncle m.

uncle m. has a massive t. shirt collection

Ms. L. slaved in the kitchen during a very HARD week for our unit snack- snowmen and mittens.
so much like Mrs. E...she goes above and beyond for our kids
PLEASE go back to school to be an EC teacher Ms. L!!!!

I'm melting because its so HOT outside.
Whad' Up with this Weather?

tackling the afternoon hill

Visit to the new toy store.  Kid's Play.
see the puzzle, BE the puzzle

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