Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friendship is not a MYTH

I’ve been looking on Facebook tonight.  I like to look at the young people…their thoughts, posts, and pictures.  It reminds me of my high school days, and it brings back some good memories.  I look at the pictures of pals in homemade t-shirts from clubs, fun matching girl boots, school spirit week…messages of ‘I’ve got your back gurrrlllll…message me and we will meet, can’t wait…love you sister!"  And I laugh at the open messages about hidden crushes, inside jokes,  and past fights.  It all takes me back, and BOY am I glad we didn’t have Facebook, because I am a SUPER OVER SHARER.  The notes I wrote on paper as a teen were so embarrassing.  I would hate to think I shared my dreams of being an ice skater and marrying Jim Carey with the world.
 Although these things seem so young and unimportant on Facebook, TRUE friendship is a value no matter what age.  I was reminded of this lesson. One of the worst things to figure out as an adult is when you think someone is your friend…. and it turns out that person is not a friend.  For many people the thrill of drama, gossip, competitiveness, and attention wins out over true friendship.  Sometimes when you are young, a measure of success is how many friends you have.  As you get older and deal with issues that forge your life, you really understand that a true measure of success is a smaller number of REAL and SPECIAL friendships. 
Today I feel so thankful to GOD for the true friends that I have…..the ones who make me laugh, who listen to me cry, who give kind words of advice, who lend me a great book or movie I may like, who picks me a flower, who tells me why they love me, and most important who allows me to do the same back to them. 

Loyalty is important, and it’s something we all need in our lives no matter what age.   I think it stills hurts when loyalty is broken, and even though I have never used a voodoo doll, it makes me wish I had one.  But let's face it, if I knew how to use a voodoo doll I would probably prick the crud out of myself and get nothing done anyway.  Seriously, each lesson teaches me to really value true character and to give others the respect I want.  I have been forgiven for so many things, so there is no point in harboring ill feelings or bad wishes toward someone else because of hurt.  Instead I focus on the people who have made me a better person=  to all my pals...I LOVE YOU DEARLY. 


  1. I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! I am so proud to call you a TRUE FRIEND!!!! <3 I'll always be here for you!

  2. Thanks Jessica, you ARE A SUPERFANTASTICAL Friend! :)