Friday, May 24, 2013

Karaoke Queen

Friday Karaoke Night
Ms. Love Shack
Stage Ready

Must Fuel Up for Performance

Picking the Perfect Song


Fav. Duet

What a talent, right? uncle and niece.

Goofing with Mom's Boots
Too Fun!

O. Getting the Crowd Going

And Now the Winning Performance!

Rock It Out!
(...wait what are those lyrics?)


Moving and a Grooving!
Auntie S. is the motivator and crowd pleaser.



Keeping Warm

Pretty Ladies
Family is Love
As for me,
 Connor recorded my performance,
and the only way I can ever, ever recover from Karaoke Night is to move to Tampako, Minnesota, dye my hair black, and go by the name "Sal".
Here is a VERY short clip.....


That is a wrap Ladies and Gents.
You don't have to go home,
but you can't stay here.
Karaoke Queen

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