Friday, December 28, 2012

Week In Review

Christmas blew up in my house.


I put up the decorations right after Christmas.  
I like to bring in the New Year with a clean house.
I replaced the Christmas Tree with a play corner.

The play corner has taken over the room-
so much for the clean house thing.

I wore a hat for Mrs. E's last chemo treatment..Yayyyyyyy!
But not so much in support of cancer.....

in support of her eyes.  This is my hair after the hair brush.
We had a great laugh over this picture.

I kinda of looked like-
I really get comfortable when I'm on vacation!

I'm way excited over lunch out-
Yes I'm one of those.
I don't even care if plastic is the #1 ingredient.

Connor + Me + Couch= Watching Diary of a Wimpy Kids III
(it was really funny)

Dancing with the Stars (NEW) Workout

I was going to attempt (NEW) Jillian Michael's Workout-
but the first five minutes scared me.

So I danced like crazy with the STARS- mainly freestyle.
Dancing Quotes:
'Swivel the Hips'
'Move the Hips in a Figure 8'
'Step, turn, cross to the side, with the Hips'
'Activate the Center using the Hips'
'Let your Hips go!'
(it should be called Dancing: Starring Your Hips)

OPERATION-  Living Room Makeover be continued...

No one can eat without our new little puppy Carlee coming around.  

Carlee got a DJ Table for Christmas from Uncle/Aunt W.

My dream...

of being a family band.....

is coming TRUE!

I was dying to have a Christmas Card that said 

"All we want for Christmas is Our Two Front Teeth", 
Connor's other tooth grew in before his second tooth fell out right after Christmas.

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