Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Adventures of Cagney and Lacey (I worked the nursery today)

The Adventures of Cagney and Lacey
(the church nursery version)

I am miserable.  
I have to get out of here and change dresses.

Don't worry Lacey, I'll get us out of here so you can change dresses.

My plan starts with me getting this here plastic ball!

I hope you know what you are doing Cagney.

Oh I do!  Now all I have to do is flash this lady my sweet charming look anddddddd....

she will give me more toys!  ha. ha.
I will whittle this into a hook to bounce off the ball to unlatch the door to 
get us to FREEDOM!

Ummm. Ladies, I think you should see what I have before you bust outta here.

Hold on Lt. Bert.
Excuse me, Mam, but I know this necklace doesn't contain REAL diamonds.  Jeez.

I'm coming, I'm coming Lt. Bert
...can you believe she tried to give me a fake necklace!?!

Focus people.  
I'm scooting backwards...moving toward the door...

still scooting close....

Oh MAN!  Busted for a picture!
Lacey you pick your nose and I'll look mad.
They will give up, I promise.

Wait, I have another plan.  Just sit here in this UFO thingy...

and with a little program rewiring I can catapult you to space! 
Man I'm good!

How about we just dial out.  
Do we get reception in here?

Ok Cagney, PLAN B.
You distract the lady and I'll check her purse for anything to help us with our mission.

Maybe something in this book will help?

Never mind.  
Cagney has convinced me my dress looks FAB.

You ladies REALLY wear me out.

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