Sunday, December 2, 2012

Let the Holiday Festivities Begin....

Saturday Morning Breakfast Ritual

The impossible task of
putting Christmas decorations out with....
50,000 obstacles of Crap in the Way (no one puts anything up).

Christmas Angel

Christmas Tree-
lots of sweet homemade ornaments 
(but not the Martha Stewart kind..the kind with too much glue).

Christmas Village

I knew this wasn't going to last long.

tell me where Darren hid the cookies.

You say the microwave?
I knew it.

Stockings Hung with Care

Carlee's First Christmas

Nativity Scene
Apparently Baby Jesus is being air lifted.

The Wise Man was missing a hand, but it looks as if he.... 

was provided a terminator replacement.

Jingle Bells

Holiday Photos-
the children did exactly as I told them you can see.

Holiday Stress Relief:

My New Writing Partner

Christmas Parade
New Rules for Boyscouts-  
mom only has to participate if a parade is involved so that she may give the Ms. America wave, 

if it involves a tent dad has to do it.

Here we are passing by a Main St. window.

I was in charge of the music.   The only thing I had was....

a boombox (with no extra speakers), but I turned the little volume wayyyy up.

We played this...

but then the Ronald McDonald float came up behind us playing this....

with these speakers.....

in this COOL float!

I was about to hop out of our float like this 
and ask, what's your damage man?  this is like totally Christmas!  I know you are Not Even playing PINK?  Like don't blare out my Gnarly Christmas music!   

but then they backed off and you could hear our White Christmas blaring through the radio,
 and all was peaceful on the earth again!

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