Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Night Before Christmas...
Reindeer Food,
Santa's Cookies (that Carlee kept stealing),
Christmas Cards= Blessings of Good Friends and Family,
Visit with Nana and Papa,
Bible Reading,
and it's VERY Hard to Fall Asleep!

Christmas Morning...
Oh the Excitement!!!!! 
Santa brought...
Flags and a small Football in C's Stocking, 
A REAL Compass and Pocket Knife, 
A Remote Control Helicopter, and a 
Play Airport!!!
Carlee got a rubber ducky, a new hat from Mrs. E, and a sippy cup!

I thought these movies looked Awesome for Connor:

You can't go wrong with narration by Martin Sheen (right?!) 

and Hard Hat Harry!?

This was the first scene- 
a woman (with bad hair) decided to drive down a snowy mountain with a child.  Then all of a sudden an avalanche covered them up!!!!

This safety helicopter flew to the rescue after she called them, buried under snow.  She said she could not see anything (duh), please help!

I wondered why these movies were such a steal.
Now I know- CHEESY RATING= 5 Stars.

Next, Nana and Papas House....
Good Breakfast,
Connor told Papa he said a Good Prayer,
and Lots of goodies!
I got a NEW crock pot and NEW shoes! 
C. got a Shark Race Set, 
an Army Pack, 
and new pants/ shirts.
Darren got new pants, 
a gift card,
and Carlee was given pretty new clothes and a dolly!

Lunch on Darren's side-
Meme/Mema/Cousins/ Aunts/Uncles
BIG Party!
I drew Aunt J.s Name-
I made her a special Stress Free Travel Guide!
I got new workout videos 
and shiny jewelry. 
(Someone (my husband) also unfairly snuck the I Love You Card in my pocket book before I could hand it off, which meant I had to wear a basket ball hat while the family threw balls at me. Revenge is mine next year.)
Darren got a Turbo Buick Movie and Green Tea.
Carlee and Connor were gifted WAY UP in the toys.
Now I have the fun task of finding space for fun new toys.

I wore my brand new Purple, Sparkly 
Sweater today......

Sadly, no one spiked my eggnog because my sweater doubles as costume, 
and I was so prepared to be Lady Gaga.  
(Sigh) Maybe next year.

One of the things Connor was most proud of was his real pocket knife.  
He carried it in his pocket all day.  He has been telling stories about it - 
I'm going to get me a deer with this knife!  
I'm going to cut open a fish with my pocket knife! Hey Dad, if someone breaks into our house and they ask my name- I'm gonna tell em' Your Worst Nightmare, and I'm gonna cut em with my pocket knife!!!

And even though he was given specific directions to not have it out until a grown up helps him, he started playing with it 
you guessed it....
he sliced his finger.
It was just a little cut, 
but it bleed a lot.

The next thing I know the boy is doubled over in the bathroom, as white as a sheet, and dry heaving.  

I'm dizzy and my stomach hurts, it's hot!  he cried.
He literally looked like he was going to faint.

I picked him up like a baby and rushed him outside to get air.  He leaned against me and said he was sick.
He is fine!  Good Grief.  It was a cut, he didn't lose his finger! -Darren laughed at us.
He is going to be fine, he just got a little faint from looking at the blood- said Darren.

Afterwards when Connor got a band aid, Gatorade, and crackers, and I got a piece of chocolate and tea.... we had a good laugh.  
His worst nightmare is apparently blood....
I don't think he will be able to cut anything but paper with his new knife.

That was our Christmas Adventure!
It was Wonderful.


  1. Please don't let him bring that knife to school or I'll have to suspend both of you!!! You know who I am!!!

  2. That comment cracks me up! I was thinking the SAME thing. You better frisk him every morning before you go in the building! LOL!

  3. He knows the rules. He won't even take a GI Joe out of fear.