Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy 9 Months Carlee

 Happy 9 Months Carlee

 -It has been so neat to see your little face light up in recognition.  I can see your mind searching for memory when you see someone you know but doesn't live with us.

-Changing your diaper is like going through Navy Seal training.  It require strength, power, endurance, durablity, and mental toughness. 

You WILL NOT hold still.

-Your giggle is contagious.  

-You growl like a cat when you are mad.

- You love to stand on the side of the couch, and with support of other furniture, make your way around the living room.

-Your into everything.

-You give your paci and your fingers equal love.

-I don’t want to jinx but you did sleep two nights in a row.
(…bring on night of restful sleep
number three times infinity !!!)

-You really like to play (on your terms).

-GIRL you can EAT.  You love real food, and yet you still manage to look AMAZING in your clothing!

-Connor likes to ask you questions to see you shake your head no.  (ie.  Is mama the greatest? shake.shake.shake. no)  

-You love to listen to Connor go on and on about helicopters and snakes (yawn), but for now you never get bored (I think he is loving you at this age).

-Your little personality is so much fun.  Part flower child part princess part football player!  I love every day of getting to know you.

- WE LOVE YOU Carlee-Anne (but you are growing much too fast)!   

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