Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Cheer- Photo Op 2012

It's too fun comparing baby pictures.
They look so much alike!
Connor to the left, Carlee to the right.

I'm so glad I saved many of Connor's outfits for Carlee to have fun with.
Of course Connor is three months old and Carlee is nine months old, but he had almost surpassed her in size.
The hat was a little big on him and too small for her,
but they are both so sweet,
and I thank God for them.


In other Christmas News:
Outtakes from 2012 Christmas Cards 
(AKA. a 10 minute job that took 30)

Get off me.

Escaping Baby.... Hilllll- arious.

Are you as good looking as me?

What do you mean Santa is watching?

This is never happening.  Forget it.

One flick won't hurt, it will just make her pay attention, come on mom!

Perhaps a dance will make you cooperate.

Mom, I don't really see your vision here.

Oh Yeah, totally natural.

Is this the camera? Is it nap time? 

Ha. ha. this would be good if I would open my eyes.

Quit foolin' would ya', its bottle time and this dress is getting on my nerves.

Pick me up...pick me up...pick me up....

I'm cute- its a fact.

Forget the pictures, let's have a crawling race.

If you don't quit taking pictures I'm going to eat my hand, 
I mean it...I'm doing it.

I plan to use the eyes on the ladies one day.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous babies. Love this!

  2. I would say we are Blessed (and tired) we are both Very Blessed and very tired! Lol