Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend in Review

 WeeKeNd in ReViEw:

Completed Week One of Couch to 5K!!!
(my knees hurt)

Sun and Water 

Fried Squash

Catching up on the List of Things to Do (from last weekend).  The blind folds are for vacation bible school...I know what you were thinking you Fifty Shades of Grey fans, tsk. tsk. :).

Decorating for Vacation Bible School...Up and Away we Go!
Nothing is Impossible with God. 

Easy Make Pie for a New Mommy/ Pal

Easy Make Cookies for Old Mommy (me :))

Cookies go great with this Marathon, that and an ice cold shot of milk.

Friday Morning Doctor Appointment #1- unusual hyperactivity or normal active boy??

Friday Evening Doctor Appointment #2- hunger strike??
I think I need WMA....Worried Moms Anonymous

Date with my son and his brother, Cedric, by a different mother.  (I don't like to talk about her.  I think she is full of stuffing).
We decided to split dessert three ways.  I had Cedric's share.  He didn't object, after all it is football season and he needs to stay lean.  (I'm not doing so good on this whole DIEt thing).

My Allergy Appointment, achooooo!  77.00 copay, whaaaaaaaa!

Birthday Party #1- ....about to get in big TROUBLE for pretending his juice straw is a cigarette.

Birthday Party #2-  I didn't take pictures but there was the favorite- slippy slide!

Not one, not two, but three Baptisms at Church.  It was such a wonderful service today :)

Beautiful Princess preparing for her Baby Dedication at church this morning (details to come).

There is always time for self portraits!

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