Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Women Make it Happen

I have a problem (among many) - my heart is bigger than my brain.  It’s harsh but it’s the truth. It’s fine, really… age 30 I own it (Ok 33, but whose counting?).  Sometimes it’s really good to have compassion when others don’t, but then there are other times like….

…when I was in grade school I gave my brand new sweater away to a girl who said she didn’t have one.  When my mom found out her dad was a teacher, she demanded I get it back.  When I didn’t,  I got to wear my old sweater for the year.   When I was in high school, I defended my friend who was being attacked in the hallway with taunts of being a “disgusting queer”.   I stood right up and told them all to just shut up, I told them they were all disgusting pigs, and to leave my friend alone!!!  I didn’t really do the math before I said that….12 fifth year juniors with cigarettes and facial hair versus me a four foot eleven band geek.  That math doesn’t equal smart.  When Connor was three months old I picked up a strange man and his little boy in my car because the little boy looked cold.  Lucky for me he didn’t pull out a gun and make me and Connor his slaves for life.  I didn’t think first…..I just saw a small child and his father walking in the freezing cold.   

I like to think I’ve gotten wiser over the years but as usual I’m never wise.

This year I had the bright idea to continue being director of Vacation Bible School.  I really had good intentions.  Fast forward to this week please-   rain + a terribly colicky baby screaming four hours in a row (no joke) + a six year old inside + lack of sleep + remembering fine details + many phone calls= me a hot mess.  I was so tired last night I left Carlee on the diaper changing table while I went to attend to Connor.  I was in bed and asleep when Darren woke me up to tell me he moved Carlee to the bed.  It was at that point I realized I’m REALLY Nuts.  Really, really Nuts.  

As usual, God sent me some relief.  Angels in the form of other women.  I have many friends who say they can’t stand women; they prefer to be friends with men.  I don’t get that.  If it wasn’t for other women I really would have lost my mind.  Women from ages 16-60 have stepped in and helped me out this week.  I want to burst into tears and say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, by the way I’m NUTS!  They could have easily stood back and  judged me while making themselves feel good (in the way that I do to the Toddler and Tiaras mothers) but they didn’t…they held Carlee for hours, feed Connor, made sure he wasn’t running everywhere while eating twenty cookies, women stopped by to help Darren while I stayed at church, left their own infant attended to grab me some gas and tummy drops, women who offered to babysit at my home, who made me laugh with their own ‘crazy’ child rearing stories…. there were men who helped with bible school but it was the women who were my angels this week.

 For years Historians have wondered why Eve really ate that apple.  Many have contemplated, what did that very clever serpent say to her exactly??  
Let me go ahead and tell you:   the serpent said “Eve this apple taste like chocolate”.  Eve was the first wife with no other woman to talk to, to get advice from, to vent all of her emotions….. so of course she needed to stress eat. Duh.  Sure, we are all sinners doomed for Hell as a result, but Hey Eve don’t beat yourself up, I totally get it!!! 
(I might have to be a guest speaker on the History Channel with this knowledge.)

As we close this year’s VBS, I would like to thank my Angels- women who helped me make it happen (and forgave the fact that I am really NUTS)!
Enjoy the VBS Pictures here.  We are all Trusting God and it shows in the joy in the children's faces.

Sovereign Lord, you are God! Your covenant is trustworthy, and you have promised these good things to your servant.
2 Samuel 7:28

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