Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week in Review

I Heart Summer Vacation.  It's been a busy week so far.....

Three Day Math Perspectives Workshop:  learning a whole different way of teaching math, and I mean wayyyy different from how I learned, which may explain why I have trouble balancing the checkbook.

At one point, I wrote 'how can we ass groups?' instead of 'how can we assess groups?'.  I caught the mistake after my notes were hanging up for everyone to see for a little too long (oopsie).  

Seussical at the local playhouse.  Connor loved this play so much, he was actually (gasp) quiet.  I can't wait to expose him to more of the Arts!  Let me know if you hear about anything.

Pictures with the Cast!

We finished decorations for SKY Vacation Bible School.  The decorations- w. our decoration guru Mrs. C.- are amazing and are really going to get the kids ready to FLY into Bible School.

Sky in a Jar!
children's church snack... preVBS.
(exactly 10 boxes of jello were hurt before making this snack)

Fundraiser for Officer Jim who was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer this year.  3.5 miles. Four hundred members of the community turned out, and many business owners held out signs 'Go Jim', 'We are Praying for You', 'We Love Jim'.  It was touching.

These are the people slow enough to stay with me the whole race..... the ambulance and the police car at the back.  I know they felt like running over me, Connor, and Carlee.  In my defense Connor had to stop and pee in the Bank of America bushes, apparently he couldn't hold it.

Face Painting

Sunday Naps

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