Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Bubble Gum Smacking Day

Today we went on a field trip with friends.   Mrs. C. and Baby A. invited us on a day trip to the Natural Science Center and we were very excited.  We had originally planned for a bigger clan but our pal K. called in sick :( so we hope to make more adventures with her and the kids very soon.   Is there anything worse than being a sick mommy?

The first thing I always worry about when I go anywhere is- how are they going to handle the Sechrist Family?  Lucky for me I was with some people that had a good sense of humor!  How do people walk around without a sense of humor?  Why so serious, people? 

We saw lots of neat exhibits and reptiles and had moments to chat.   You know the phrase “if I had a dime.... I would be rich?”  Well if I had a dime for every time Connor said ‘I want to go see the reptiles’, I would surpass Bill Gates three times.

Baby A’s grandma was able to join us and boy did it work out for me.  Carlee was fussy and I was trying to hold her and push the stroller doing the whole ‘hip, knee, shove, shuffle’ dance to keep the stroller going.  As usual, help was needed for me.  I think Baby A. is on her way to being on overachiever because she didn’t cry once. I hope she is because we joked that a teacher’s kid and a preacher’s kid could equal some challenges in the future.  We finished our day with a picnic lunch where we watched a mob of ducks.  Even the little ducklings followed their mother without argument...Ok God I get it....I have work to do.

The real fun began when we made a pit stop at this gas station.  While Mrs. C got gas I went inside to get two sodas. 

HOLY Sheetz, this place is cool!
Why did we even make a stop at the Science Museum!?!  I could have stayed there all day.  Did you know they have like 25 coffee machines, and a milkshake machine, and a slushy machine, and a sucker rack, and magazines, and books, and made to order food, and Mallo Cups??  I almost forgot about Mrs. C. and the kids in the car.  I can’t wait to go there again. 
On our way back Connor asked me if we could go to the pool about 1, 123 times and I said ‘don’t ask me again’ 1, 123 times, and Carlee brought it all together by screaming us into home plate.  I’m beginning to understand why I don’t have that many friends that invite me places.

I was tired.    
When we got home, Connor FINALLY accepted the fact we were NOT going to the pool, Carlee took a nap, and I crashed on the couch with Facebook and a movie.  However, my time was interrupted because for whatever reason Connor was desperate for me to teach him how to blow a bubble!?  (CURSE ME- I’m the one that got him a pack of gum at Sheetz!!!)  

So for the next hour I taught bubble blowing lessons, we took pictures of ourselves trying to blow bubbles, and from that point we took about fifty pictures of ourselves on Face Juggler and laughed ourselves silly.  Dinner was late.  Is it any wonder the child can’t stay focused?  I think I need therapy.


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