Friday, June 22, 2012

Beauty and the Wrestlin' Beast

Video Analysis:
A. Note the Pampered Princess whose shade must not be disturbed.
B.  Relief that Connor did verbalize “I’m going to drown you into a piece of shark”; he has been known to try to slip in another sh word.
C.  After two hours of watching Alligator Wrestlin’ by the pool I was ready to say the sh word.
D.  Do I see a reality show entitled ‘Gator Racers’ or ‘Hillbilly Hills’ in my son’s future?
E.  He did say 'thank you for asking', the ever polite rastler'.
E.  Speaking of reality shows, I see us as good candidates for Toddlers and Tiaras…bring on the tanning bed and fake teeth!
F.  While princess slept in the shade I had to participate in PoolMANIA. Connor tried to name me The Whaler with the signature move- Belly Flop.   I refused to be his tag team partner if that had to be my name.  I was renamed Mermilla and my signature move was the graceful, yet beautiful- Fin Kick.  Connor was The Piranha and his signature move was- The Bite Splash.   We fought the Electric Eels.  My bathing suit protected us from the electricity.
  THANK GOODNESS there is no known footage of this and I apologize in advance to any unemployed neighbors who had to watch us.

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