Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy Day

What a busy day today!

Morning Bath Time

Today we had a heart appointment with Dr. Williams (aka. Dr. Dreamy...really you should see this guy...he looks like a Hollywood actor.  Even Darren agrees).  Basically C. was identified as having a rare heart about three years ago.  It is a condition that must be checked every year.  It was explained that if the condition were to worsen he could require open heart surgery.  
Praise Report Today-  Dr. Dreamy says Connor's heart is looking good and that the aortic valve issue has decreased into a tiny pin hole that should not effect anything that he wants to do.  He doesn't even want to see him for another three years.  Dr. Dreamy also explained his own oldest child was diagnosed with ADHD and while it can be a journey, it is worth it in the end.  That information comforted us alone (we always wonder if it is us who is in the wrong).  Good Visit.

Celebration Shopping!  Carlee got some big bottles since she is a big girl....

Connor got some Wrestlers... and I got some Rolos!

This is for Mrs. E.
Last time she was at my house, Connor had wrestling on TV and she wondered why the wrestlers now wear underwear instead of long wrestling tights.  Just so you know, the toys reflect the new times also Mrs. E!, check out those gold undies. :)  Ok I'm going to stop oogling the toy now.

Out to LUNCH!  Delicious!

What do you do when Carlee needs to be fed??  
You ride the escalator with your dad six times until Carlee is finished.  (You might be a Redneck if you convince your child the escalator is better than the '3.00 a ticket' Unicorn Carousel at the mall......)

Darren got mad at us for writing on the back of the van.....

So we went through the car wash on the way home.

Nighttime Milkshakes and then......

Nurse the baby.  
Oh YEAH!  Nighttime Milkshakes are what I'm talking about.  You got some fries with that shake Ma?  No really mommy,  you got some fries with that shake?  I might have a little room left.

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