Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy 3 Months Old

Happy 3 Months Carlee!

-you have big BLUE eyes and an even bigger toothless grin

-your holding your head up for longer periods of time

-you are very strong

-when your mad you kick your left leg (only) over and over... when I say ‘Carlee is starting her Motorcycle’, it means your about to lose it 

-the only pacifier you will take is the one with the pink owl and the whole household all but calls in the National Guard when it goes missing

-to be so young, you jabber quite often, probably due to the fact you hear jabber quite often

-you look like your brother more than either parent

-your so big, I just want to go back to the hospital the first day you were born for a few minutes because time is flying by

-you weigh 12 pounds

-I appreciate that you sleep straight for seven hours most nights (big brother didn't sleep through the night until his first year)

-I love how you scrunch and stretch when I pick you up and your little booty sticks out

-you love to rock, mostly with your mama, but you like the swing too 

-I think its funny when I come home from work and you and MeMe are watching Texas Walker Ranger, you seem totally mesmerized by Chuck Norris (and so is MeMe for that matter)

-you wear 6-9 month outfits

- your beginning to make sounds like a laugh, it sounds like a hiccup

-you love to be naked and as a result you’ve peed all over the new couch too many times to tell daddy about

-you light up when you hear Connor’s voice

-you bring a maturity out in Connor I've never seen before

-you’ve just discovered you have a hand and looking at it can entertain you for hours

Look Ma, I have this thing with fingers....its AMAZING.

-you don’t cry all the time to be held like your brother once did, which leads me to believe you may be more laid back like your dad

-Connor likes to help feed you a bottle
 -your colicky between 5-8pm and nothing makes you happy

-on my side you are the only girl out of five Grandboys  (don't worry though because Connor will teach you the Figure Four)

-you like to suck your fist almost as much as your pacifier, you might be a thumb sucker if you wouldn’t keep your thumb tucked inside your fist

-you are Adored by your Family, we LOVE you.


  1. Oh Amanda! How dear this is going to be for her to read one day! You are a precious pearl, love you.

  2. thanks Joan..she should have some very interesting reading material one day.